Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What Terrible Editing Looks Like

I am learning how to use VideoStudio X8. What you are about to watch, posted on YOUTUBE (should you care to check it out)  is the 1st attempt....

I was attempting to put forth an idea concerning Psalm 22 and why Jesus or Yeshua (Proper) would quote this psalm prior to his death.

So far, YOUTUBE flagged me for copy right. So the beginning of the video which had two minute sound track. taken from that horribly antisemitic movie, by the horribly antisemitic actor, Mel Gibson..The Passion of Christ.....I will keep learning this software and doing more vlogs or Video Blogs...

This edit really is horrible....Those of you who follow my stuff will hopefully watch the improvements happen. Sort of like, a "Before & After"

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