Sunday, November 1, 2015

What Skip Moen and David Morton inspire

Being home with my family in Rochester NY was the highlight of 2015. Of course, we were all there to say good-bye to our beloved mother, sister, my aunt Deb. Being home was a very bitter sweet time to be sure. While there I was able to see cousins from far and near descend on Rochester. Our family is huge so there were cousins and 2nd cousins all about. The one thing, possibly the most outstanding thing that has always been true in our family is, our love for one another. This has been something the Bentley's (Mom's maiden name) have passed down to all of us. The Bentley's were fourteen children. My mother, her twin brother and their eldest brother are all that remain. In one sense, we have become who they always were. We are the aunts and the uncles of the generation coming up from our lives. This is how I feel about Christians.....I know, sounds shocking but it is true!

My youngest brother who is a pastor gave the final message during the funeral service for aunt Deb. As soon as he began to speak, we began to laugh. My youngest brother took us through moments in aunt Deb's life that we could now cherish. He left her brand of love, humor, and strength on all of us in a remarkably humorous manner. I was proud of my kid brother who elevated the entire sanctuary full of relatives to a sense of joy in our sadness. He also encouraged a life with God in a way that was not condemning or condescending.

I watched my kid brother do something that I have not been able do. I suppose it is okay to not have his ability. However, the encouraging, uplifting message that he shared forced me to rethink how I share what is in my core to the family of Christians, my family in the Kingdom of Yahweh. Equally, I have been consumed with the teaching, presentation, and amazing ability of Skip Moen. I marvel at how my pastor, Pastor Mark Biltz can present an entirely different view of the Bible to a room full of Christians, every denomination, weekly and around the globe via live stream media. He, they do so without alienation. I have not mastered this quality. Truth be told, I am not even close!

Now before I explain this please follow what I am sharing, it's important. I see the family of relatives and the family of Christians in the same way. Some chase after the scriptures, some are steeped in western theology, others are luke warm and yet still others, are Christian in name only. A couple are Torah sister and I.

It breaks my heart to see family clueless to the things of God while at the same time it breaks my heart to see the Christian completely disconnected from the Hebrew scriptures. I agonize over this daily. As a result of the paradigm shift in how I see the Bible, I went from the world of plumbing to the Internet world trying to share a single message, Return to Torah, Un-color Racism and Un-learn the very antisemitic theology in much of church doctrine. Well, I have a pretty good group of people who know my heart but at the same time I have alienated many folks because of a very condescending, overly critical mannerism that I have yet to overcome. It's true, I can be too point blank or down right discouraging. I have gotten into a lot of trouble as a result.

I have been salivating over Skip Moen's information. The reason why (You may or may not understand this) in 2007 I experienced a paradigm shift quicker that you can blink your eye lids, a download if you will. My understanding of the Bible went from Christian to something else...For eight years I have been trying to understand the, "Something else!" Skip Moen is, really for me, an answer to prayer. There is nothing that he has said, written or shared that my core is not in complete alignment with. He has caused me to fact check and study more than before. It is like hearing from someone else what God poured into my head verbatim. Now if I could just deliver this information the way that my kid brother does........

This is what I am going to focus on. I will be using video more so than just about anything to tailor the stuff that is in my head. Currently, I am learning Corel Video Studio X8 [self teaching] this program software purchased for me by my best friend, Nathan Grapes. I have no bigger supporter (Thanks Nathan)
I am not sure if I will continue doing the Internet radio broadcast, "The Jeff Morton Report" beyond December. I am considering a lot over these last several weeks. I do believe that our nation is in for a terrible time and so I do what I do. I believe, actually know, that many who live disconnected from the Kingdom of God particularly with in church theology are hungry for a deeper biblical understanding. I am convinced that God is revealing this very thing to many.....
He revealed much to me, I just have to get better at sharing it.

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Michael Ortega said...

Jeff, you have to learn to be a child and be able to teach as if you are teaching children! Your brother sounded childlike and beautiful in his giving a perspective from grief to joy! If the Kingdom of Yaweh is not given in a childlike manner who will truly understand what God wants us to know and be a part of His Plan for us now! We all have to start over and be children to hear the Message of what you are trying to teach! People don't need a scholar, they are looking for the real thing of one who is walking out Kingdom Life! Yes, there are wrong teachings in the Church from history and our anti-jewish ways! But we all have to call out "Abba" as His True Child!!! Jeff, you have to give us who you are inside "the real child of God that you already are!" Don't compare yourself, just be who you really are! People will continue to listen as they are now, but even more when they hear the Kingdom child! The Kingdom child is glorified from God who does His teaching. Keep learning and giving Jeff! God bless! a brother from another mother--one Kingdom child to another! MO