Monday, November 2, 2015

"Two Bucks for Jane" (Jerusalem Jane)

I made the following video [below] at 3:17 AM (November 2, 2015 after being woken up by I think Abba, Father (?)

Jane Kiel otherwise known as "Jerusalem Jane" did not know that I was posting this on Facebook or setting up this campaign to help support her.

I have since heard from her...she is grateful! She wanted to make sure that I shared "I had nothing to do with your idea" To be very clear Jane had no idea I was doing this. I received a tearful message from here after she saw all of this.....This was my idea from start to finish.....
Now, I am going to go make a donation.....

Will you do the same?

I follow the work that Jane is doing. I support the awareness that her videos bring to those who would otherwise only have a very biased media impression. I support her conviction, her strength and every reason that she is doing what she is doing! Please if you "Liked" her Facebook page, watch her videos and follow her work....Please donate two bucks, and spread the word! Two bucks multiplied by all of YOU helps her......
(I have spoken with Jane I understand her need. More importantly, I salute her conviction!

May Adonai bless and keep you

Father, God...please bless your daughter Jane financially, and shower her with those people who will give generously

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