Friday, November 6, 2015

Name any Jew who would do the following:

The Catholic/Christian church was not born in the book of Acts...
It was born under the rule of Emperor Constantine...

Consider this:
What Jewish person, 2034 years ago would have tossed away the Tanahk (Old Testament) walked away from the Majestic 2nd Temple (and what it meant) stopped keeping the commanded festivals/holidays/appointments of YHWH-
Tossed out YHWH's Calendar, and the cultural integrity of Israel in order to follow men who converted to Christianity? man who would start going to church in light of the cross? (which meant horrific death)

Peter (a Jew) gives us a clue: Acts 10:14 And Shimeon said, “Never, my Lord, because I have never eaten anything defiled or polluted.

The death of Jesus did not change what was commanded way back in Noah's day according to Peter huh, (Centuries before the nation of Israel existed...hmmmmm?)

Genesis 7:2 Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee seven and seven, each with his mate; and of the beasts that are not clean two [and two], each with his mate

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Formation of the Christian Church (by Skip Moen)
"The usual explanation of the formation of the Christian Church suggests that Christianity grew out of first century Judaism. But recent scholarship shows this to be wrong. Christianity as a religion was created in opposition to the Jewish way of life of the first century. It defined itself in terms that created the anti-Semitism of later centuries.This lecture series examines the political, economic and social environment of the Roman Empire before and after the birth and death of Yeshua as the essential background for understanding why and how the Christian Church was formed. Following recent historical scholarship, these lectures go on to show that the men who created the Christian religion did so with deliberate anti-Semitic rhetoric and an intentional accommodation of the Roman lifestyle."

These lectures will give you the real story behind the emergence of Christianity as one of the world’s most powerful religions. But what you learn may shock and surprise you.

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