Saturday, November 7, 2015

Numbers 23:19

I have been attempting to say a single thing for nearly over 8 years now. I have tried several ways to say it without appearing to be over the edge. I have existed in the Facebook world along with several other social media sights, my blog, Internet radio, radio and a few television interviews. Here is what that one thing is.

We have raised up a religious, interpretation of the Kingdom of Yahweh. So too did the ancient kingdom of Nimrod, the Hittites, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Egyptians, the Persians, ancient Greece, Rome, Constantinople/Islam, Western Theology (with a Greek Template) None taught the Kingdom of YHVH, all are facsimiles of what our Creator has purposed. We did not envision the various kingdoms/nations of this earth they are all based on the primary. "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be done" has always been the purpose. This was, in my opinion, the reason Yahweh Spoke creation into existence...

He is preparing a place for his Kingdom in this earth. 
Just as America has Washington DC, Russia has Moscow, China has Beijing, etc, etc The Kingdom of God has....Jerusalem! I believe that watching the Kingdoms of this earth and throughout history do what they have always done specifically against God is what we are all witnessing today. These same kingdoms have raised up numerous golden calves "other gods" including Western Society that have not taught the Statutes and Commandments, Festivals, Calendar and what God implicitly poured into the children of Jacob. Most have "Mixed the seed" making religion suit their/our interpretation...Hence the "Restoration" of all things is prophesied and underway. Oddly enough, most scholars, teachers and pastoral folks garner much of what we teach from..Israel, and the rabbi's, both Messianic and Orthodox!...Just like God intended. If you open your bible today at any point YOU will prove my last statement.

None of what is written is "Religious!" Rather what pours out of this book is "Kingdom precedent/protocol, historically, militarily, legally, and based on Covenant Authority. When talking about any of this with anyone, ONE thing consistently occurs. We apply what God poured into Israel to our nation/kingdom's, interpretations, culturally or otherwise!...Most skip over the very fact that he poured all of this information into...ISRAEL and most skip over the fact, the horrific treatment of Israel that has chased the Jews through the centuries due to the rejection of his people!

When the Hebrew prophet, Isaiah wrote this 
[] he did not have a cultural identity to the Christian/Catholic, Islamic or even Greek concepts of our Creator.....Like ancient Egypt and the gods that were totally and completely worshiped and any other time period or nation...Our Creator will destroy the gods of the nations!

Bamidbar 23:16 El is not an ish, that He should lie; neither a ben adam, that He should change His mind; hath He said, and shall He not do it? Or hath He spoken, and shall He not carry it out?

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