Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I do not load up Scripture in order to shoot folks

I rarely trust the translations (especially within the New Testament) I understand the antisemitic, replacement theological mentality espoused by early church Fathers. I also understand that various Christian "Mainline" organizations over the course of many years translated to suit their theological persuasion. I try to avoid (Actually, I avoid at all cost) getting into a conversation whereby a scripture versus a counter Scripture are used to carry a debate. Here is why: I do not trust the translation. 
I prefer using the Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels (FFOZ or Vine of David Publishing) when studying the gospels. When talking about Paul or Rabbi Shaul, I have the fundamental fact of his very Jewish identity in mind knowing that their are thoughts and ideas that he presents due to his inclination to appease the philosophers of his day. However, I marvel at his quoting of Moses and his adherence to TORAH via his position and prominence. 
I see his writings from a Hebrew construct not western construct with the concepts found in ancient treaty law which his culture and century would have been totally governed by. I use a variety of Programs to study with but rely quite a bit on Power Bible....programs. 

I almost always look at the Greek and then the Hebrew construct of a word because most of the translations are oblivious to the prime root of any given word or it is not even translated from the Hebrew. 

Equally important is the fact that when speaking with Christians I know that most are coming from a cultural identity based on heaps and heaps of Replacement Theological concepts.It is like having a conversation with someone who is defending an orange while describing an apple... 

So I do not get into debates where by the scriptures are used as a point, counter point tool....The cultural integrity, poetic writing styles, Chiastic writing styles as well as PARDES in Hebraic thought along with Paleo concepts (Picture writings) and Biblical Hebrew are almost always absent when discussing the scriptures with the average Christian. We simply are not taught any Hebrew influence or dare I say original methodology that depict the entire "Book of Kingdom Law" whether discussing Historical Protocol, Covenant, Treaty Law, or the revelation of YEHOVAH through ISRAEL (otherwise known as the scriptures)
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