Friday, November 27, 2015

Do I think America is in trouble, Yes, I had a dream?

I posted this on Facebook 1st. After the fact I thought to put the following on my blog. Their are reasons that I feel so strongly about a cataclysmic occurrence happening in the United States of America

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I was shaving one morning in August 2011 when I felt a lump under my skin, right side of my neck below the jaw. Instantly I knew this was a bad thing. By December I was diagnosed with stage four Squamous cell carcinoma (Interior) The cancer had caused damage to my vocal chords, base of my tongue, one lymph node was filling with waste product (they filter the blood) and was now wrapped around my jugular vein on the right side. They discovered this during the surgery which caused a four hour surgery to become over eight. The fear was the cancer getting into my blood stream. After an extensive operation they still had not found the cancer source. A great deal of my neck, all of the lymph nodes (right side of my face) part of my vocal chords, the tonsils and a bit of the base of my tongue were removed. The jugular was cut and the lymph node that was collecting the cancer waste product, wrapped up in the Jugular, all removed. The blood flow was rerouted on the right side of my neck causing existing veins to expand.....The surgery was performed on January 19, 2012.....The Pathologists eventually found the source of the cancer in my tonsils after dissection a week later. They believed that all of the cancer was removed. I went from stag four cancer to cancer free inside of 7 days.

Between the time I was diagnosed with this cancer in November 2011 and the surgery I had a dream. The doctors told me I would have no feeling in my face (Right Side), would not be able to raise my right arm above my head and that I may not have a voice.....

When you see me raise my right arm in service I do so as a testament to my God...They cut tendons and muscle that control my right arm but I can lift it above my head, took a few months, lol...However, I have very little strength in my right arm and my face is still numb...(Hard to drink from a straw and I do not have any feeling in the right side of my face just like they said)
I had been asking God to show to me what the church was....This dream was not like a dream. In fact, I use the word dream because it is the closest word due to the fact that I was asleep when this occurred........

Here is the best way to describe what happened when I woke up. I woke up as if I was experiencing a nuclear bomb blast. I could picture what I had just seen, what I had just felt as though I was somehow teleported back to my bed. To me, what I had just seen was real. It took me a few minutes to realize that I was in my bedroom....I was stunned!

I sat down and wrote everything that I had just experienced. I made a DVD of this experience and will play the audio on The Jeff Morton Report this weekend. In this dream (or experience) God answered my question about the church but what happened in the weeks to come solidified my understanding of the Hebraic nature of the scriptures........

It is not possible for me to be disconnected from Israel as a result of this experience. My voice is now different then when I recorded the audio for the Power-Point that was made concerning this dream.

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