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Another Article from (my friend down-under) Victor Schlatter


To my Friends who wonder why they have not been getting SPIM Bulletins lately.

One reason is that the world is splintering faster thanToothpick Producers Inc. (see Dan 12:1; Mat 24:21-22 and not a few other signs of the times). Plus, I have been ill placed time-wise to include all options of “We told you so” from over 650 pages of the Hebrew Prophets. It seems its all beginning to happen at once.

Then, of course, there have been a few other personal high hurdles as well.

But in unanticipated sync with the 2008 pop tune “Paris is Burning”, we had best proceed with these present Paris predicaments and leave lesser details for later.

So for now, back to our title: FINALLY there has been some long delayed credibility in calling a spade a spade regarding:

1) Political correctness

2) The cover-up of Islamic culpability, and

3) Why the American leader is doing what he does?

While most of us can only mock the politically correct mischief from the misguided mentalities that have fabricated the farce, it is now consoling that the mini-minds from big media FINALLY joined the reality queue that sweeping evil under the carpet may be “kind” to some, but hardly wise for humanity as a whole. That is, light is light, evil is evil; darkness is darkness no matter how many billion people grovel through it.

So when we hear newscasters, columnists, print media and all other onlookers in shock mode from the Paris rude awakening, it emboldens the faint hearted among us that there has been an agenda out there that has been telling us lies. Thus, we also may well discard absurd political correctness into the rubbish bin where it belongs.

I like a maxim I learned some time ago: To anger a Conservative, lie to him. To anger a Lefty, tell him the truth! Maybe a burning Paris is also telling us something.

Secondly, the once sacrosanct M-word 1s also now in free fall for journalists, pundits, and reporters (all in fact except for one well known politician from Washington). Of late the M-word has also been padded a tad with a qualifier they dubbed “radicalized” which is helpful to cushion the fall for others of the species that could be vulnerable.

Unfortunately, they never really put the new term under the microscope to find out how the radicalization process happens to some and presumably not to others?

What most people overlook, it’s NOT just a temperamental twist of individuals. For sure, in surveying degrees of dedication in a parallel of Judeo-Christian behaviour, any such group is hardly monolithic. There are the true believers, the less-than-faithful rebels, and a valley of variety in between. Thus, in comparing any other class behaviour, the Islamic psyche would be a carbon copy.

Yet there is one glaring difference:The bedrock is the black and white cultural directives of the Holy Books which are the cookie cutters of the mindset of the society..

Take the Quran. It teaches in black and white, that deceit is not only allowed, but admirable if it can cut down an enemy or promote the deity. You can verify this by checking out the words “kitman” or “takiyya” on Google. Too easy!

Or if you have a Quran it’s also in Sura 3:28 and Sura 16:106. Murder is also quite a fabulous feat if the victim is Jewish. This can be backed up by MEMRI, CAMERA or Palestinian Media Watch. And there are multiple more pairs of reverse moralities in the literature.

This is of course, diametrically opposed to the Judeo-Christian Bible. In that psyche, the deeper the dedication, the deeper the compassion for all humanity. In the value system of Islam, however, the greater the faithfulness, the greater the dedication to a political goal of group conquest—of late dubbed “radicalization”. These are totally different goals of totally diverse mindsets. One is humanitarian, the other is political.

Very simply stated it is not merely an ethnically ordered mentality, it is diametrically opposed Holy Books—or cultural lore if you please—that sets the stage for a value system of perpetual conflict. One is blessingpeople and the nemesis is controlling people, and never the twain shall meet—except on the battle field that is!

Could we then say: “Get rid of all terrorist charters, and be free of those radicalized martyrs”. It has been widely claimed that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. There’s a bit of truth there, but their respective Holy Books have obviously come from different authors.

What the universe needs is an Adjudicator, but the secular and clueless princes of politics are not exactly the preferable candidates! They've had their turn. It's time for the Messiah,and preferably the same One who wrote—or was it dictated--the Good Book. Moreover, the politically correct pansies can then go home!

Finally (the 3rd and last Finally), there was a fair bit spoken and written by the follow-up pundits from Paris to Sydney about the strange responses and statements from one dubious detractor from D.C. One such report was: “Is Barack Obama delusional?”

That’s how Bill O’Reilly led his Fox News show last night, addressing Obama’s press conference in Turkey in which the president defended his disastrously ineffective policies for dealing with the rapidly metastasizing terror army ISIS which, after last week’s hellish Paris attacks, (ISIS) vows that Washington, D.C., is next.

O’Reilly continues: “Is President Barack Obama delusional about ISIS?...Joining us now from Washington (is) Charles Krauthammer: Charles, is he delusional?”

Responded Krauthammer, a Pulitzer-winning columnist and former psychiatrist: “Judging from the press conference, there are several explanations for that appalling performance; the kindest is that he’s delusional.”

Krauthammer explained: “He said on Friday that ISIS was not gaining in strength, [though] even his own Dianne Feinstein said essentially it’s a delusion. Of course it’s gaining in strength. … But the reason that ‘delusion’ is the kindest [explanation], is I think the more likely explanation is, he knows that opposition is weakening, he knows that ISIS is strong and that it’s a threat, but in the end, he doesn’t think it matters. He’s never thought the war on terror was important or existential. …”

O’Reilly: “But how can you say that he doesn’t understand that millions of people – millions of people – are either dying, being dislocated, being tortured, being wounded … and you still, Charles Krauthammer, say he doesn’t care? It doesn’t mean anything to him?”

Krauthammer: “There’s a difference between millions of people suffering and an existential threat to the West, which is what it is, and which is what he (the President) denies.

But there is much more to complete the interview with Krauthammer. Read the rest on:

And the final (Finally…) is a productive insight: How France became an inviting target of the Jihad that was forwarded to SPIM by a highly respected associate from Israel, OvadYah Avrahami who is the webmaster and coordinator of the Kol Ha Tor (KHT) Forum representing 10 Israel --the gathering of the returning/yet to return 10 Tribes of Jacob.

The Nov 18 KHT Forum focused on France's Muslim population and its current significance.
Read on:

The following factual review reveals the lack of insight (or refusal to acknowledge) by Westerners of the clash of ideologies which underlies the Islamic War which is gradually engulfing the whole world. The reason why we discuss these issues on this forum is because Esau's final onslaught now seems to be directed at 10-Israel.

ISIS’s attack on French civilians in Paris has been defined by presidents and the Pope as a Declaration of War on the entire World. “An attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share.” We have been brought “face to face with barbarism” (French News).

The age old Jewish warning came true: “First they came for the Jews ….”

Now it is all of non-Islamic humanity. Sure, this War is also waged even on Muslims – but, this means those Muslims who relent on the barbaric core culture element of Islam. There is no room for watered down hatred or rapprochement towards non-Islam. The end of dislike becomes hatred to kill and wipe out the ‘infidel’. It is a matter of time – or awaiting the barbaric circumstances to make a choice – and the core culture of Islam requires (and has culturally brainwashed its followers to) unrelenting dedication to the root—Islam, Mohamed—everything NON-Western, NON-democratic, NON-Christian, NON-Jewish.

The West still does not get the Message.

For most of us, there’s still a bit more to round out the message: For fully identifying what to call a spade, and FINALLY… what we need to acknowledge aloud, click on the full article:

Also due to circumstances beyond our control, a lot has happened in recent weeks that needs to connect the past with the future. To make up for lost time, we will be running a fair bit more on SPIM Facebook updates including soon-to-come A Dance of Death on

Keep checking SPIM Facebook.

Blessings and Shalom,

Victor Schlatter

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