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Do I think America is in trouble, Yes, I had a dream?

I posted this on Facebook 1st. After the fact I thought to put the following on my blog. Their are reasons that I feel so strongly about a cataclysmic occurrence happening in the United States of America

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I was shaving one morning in August 2011 when I felt a lump under my skin, right side of my neck below the jaw. Instantly I knew this was a bad thing. By December I was diagnosed with stage four Squamous cell carcinoma (Interior) The cancer had caused damage to my vocal chords, base of my tongue, one lymph node was filling with waste product (they filter the blood) and was now wrapped around my jugular vein on the right side. They discovered this during the surgery which caused a four hour surgery to become over eight. The fear was the cancer getting into my blood stream. After an extensive operation they still had not found the cancer source. A great deal of my neck, all of the lymph nodes (right side of my face) part of my vocal chords, the tonsils and a bit of the base of my tongue were removed. The jugular was cut and the lymph node that was collecting the cancer waste product, wrapped up in the Jugular, all removed. The blood flow was rerouted on the right side of my neck causing existing veins to expand.....The surgery was performed on January 19, 2012.....The Pathologists eventually found the source of the cancer in my tonsils after dissection a week later. They believed that all of the cancer was removed. I went from stag four cancer to cancer free inside of 7 days.

Between the time I was diagnosed with this cancer in November 2011 and the surgery I had a dream. The doctors told me I would have no feeling in my face (Right Side), would not be able to raise my right arm above my head and that I may not have a voice.....

When you see me raise my right arm in service I do so as a testament to my God...They cut tendons and muscle that control my right arm but I can lift it above my head, took a few months, lol...However, I have very little strength in my right arm and my face is still numb...(Hard to drink from a straw and I do not have any feeling in the right side of my face just like they said)
I had been asking God to show to me what the church was....This dream was not like a dream. In fact, I use the word dream because it is the closest word due to the fact that I was asleep when this occurred........

Here is the best way to describe what happened when I woke up. I woke up as if I was experiencing a nuclear bomb blast. I could picture what I had just seen, what I had just felt as though I was somehow teleported back to my bed. To me, what I had just seen was real. It took me a few minutes to realize that I was in my bedroom....I was stunned!

I sat down and wrote everything that I had just experienced. I made a DVD of this experience and will play the audio on The Jeff Morton Report this weekend. In this dream (or experience) God answered my question about the church but what happened in the weeks to come solidified my understanding of the Hebraic nature of the scriptures........

It is not possible for me to be disconnected from Israel as a result of this experience. My voice is now different then when I recorded the audio for the Power-Point that was made concerning this dream.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Israel, a gift to humanity, A promise to Abraham

An Orthodox Jewish Rabbi spoke these words to me a few years ago....."Service to one another is a responsibility the whole of mankind has been gifted."

I remember the first time that I visited a Jewish Synagogue in Portland, Oregon. It occurred to me one day several years ago....'I am reading this book (the scriptures) written by the Jews and I have never heard a Jewish man teach from this book'

When talking about the Jews the only thing that I had ever really heard was about how they only teach from the Talmud. The Talmud was of course evil, not of God. In other words, my deference to pastoral authority precluded me from considering anything Jewish as far as my conservative, evangelical, biblical education, was concerned. In fact, when reading about Moshe Dayan, Golda Meir and David Ben Gurion it soon became clear to me that Jews were socialists?

In the mid to late 80's a fascination with all things Israel, sprung up in my spirit. It was like, for me an addiction or a veracious desire to understand this nation forever fighting to exist. I began to study political Israel, the Knesset structure and the parties involved. It did not take long for me to realize that Israel's government is just as screwed up as we are here in the states when the ideologies of conservatism and liberalism collide. Equally, I began to realize too, that these lines are drawn within Judaism as well. The synagogues are conservative, liberal, ultra liberal and of course the in between folks.

Ultimately, what started happening was the antisemitic rhetoric that is often bandied about openly or covertly within my Christian education was being dismantled. I started seeing for myself, living history. It was like making a connection to the Jewish people that I had always had with regard to being black in America. I started seeing these folks fighting a similar battle.

Charlie Schiffman
Well, I started reading other material, other Jewish literature. Elie Wiesel comes to mind instantly. Our beloved Charlie Schiffman, who the world lost earlier this year handed to me a book by Elie Wiesel, "Five Biblical Portraits" Saul-Jonah, Jeremiah, Elijah-Joshua...This book, a little tattered and frayed is one of my prized possessions for several reasons. Charlie gave it to me being the first reason but also, why he gave it to me. Reading this book changed how I saw these biblical giants through a Christian lens. I think it was through this book that my paradigm shift began to occur. I have had this book since the early 90's.

I have since read a ton of Jewish literature by a variety of authors. I have studied several Rabbis from various centuries. Learning from those who believe in the deity of Jesus (Yeshua, proper) and those who do not. I have read thousands of articles concerning pogroms and church hatred towards anything Jewish throughout the centuries. The rise of Islam which eventually spread across the "Middle East" like a grass fire and the hellish existence imposed on the Jewish people, now scattered, contending with a Moslem world and the Catholic/Christian world....All the while most blacks are a forcibly indentured people around the globe. Yes, the world is lost, still lost!

I am reminded of the gift. 

I see the prophetic things happening because, well because...they are in deed prophetic. However, to chase after what has been written to the degree that we fail to utilize the gift is to me, just another instance of being lost.

My wife returned from Israel and said these words to me, "Israel is a gift to all of us"

I have learned so much as a direct result of opening books, doing my own research, meeting with and becoming friends with, many, many Jews. It is such that when I hear the ever present antisemitic rhetoric I click the "off switch" in my spirit. It's much easier a thing to do as opposed to argue a lie.
I would much rather walk in the gift right now, today, in order to make the world a better place. Moreover, I like the idea of loving my neighbor.

Their is an unabashed, evil moving across the globe. It has the body of Islam and the ability of hell itself. In the scriptures, to those of us who are paying attention, we know these things to be born of judgment.  Roughly, 1800 years ago, to a Jew, that same hell was Catholicism. Religion is like a perpetual death machine, it only needs believers to propel it through the centuries. We have history as proof, one only needs to open a book.

My hope is in the promise made to Abraham thousands of years ago. He is the father of nations, not Churches or Mosques or even Synagogues for that matter. Our creator gave to us...nations and rules to good governance. Again, these are gifts presented to mankind though.....Israel.

Genesis 22:15 
יח  וְהִתְבָּרְכוּ בְזַרְעֲךָ, כֹּל גּוֹיֵי הָאָרֶץ, עֵקֶב, אֲשֶׁר שָׁמַעְתָּ בְּקֹלִי.18 and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast hearkened to My voice.'

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Another Article from (my friend down-under) Victor Schlatter


To my Friends who wonder why they have not been getting SPIM Bulletins lately.

One reason is that the world is splintering faster thanToothpick Producers Inc. (see Dan 12:1; Mat 24:21-22 and not a few other signs of the times). Plus, I have been ill placed time-wise to include all options of “We told you so” from over 650 pages of the Hebrew Prophets. It seems its all beginning to happen at once.

Then, of course, there have been a few other personal high hurdles as well.

But in unanticipated sync with the 2008 pop tune “Paris is Burning”, we had best proceed with these present Paris predicaments and leave lesser details for later.

So for now, back to our title: FINALLY there has been some long delayed credibility in calling a spade a spade regarding:

1) Political correctness

2) The cover-up of Islamic culpability, and

3) Why the American leader is doing what he does?

While most of us can only mock the politically correct mischief from the misguided mentalities that have fabricated the farce, it is now consoling that the mini-minds from big media FINALLY joined the reality queue that sweeping evil under the carpet may be “kind” to some, but hardly wise for humanity as a whole. That is, light is light, evil is evil; darkness is darkness no matter how many billion people grovel through it.

So when we hear newscasters, columnists, print media and all other onlookers in shock mode from the Paris rude awakening, it emboldens the faint hearted among us that there has been an agenda out there that has been telling us lies. Thus, we also may well discard absurd political correctness into the rubbish bin where it belongs.

I like a maxim I learned some time ago: To anger a Conservative, lie to him. To anger a Lefty, tell him the truth! Maybe a burning Paris is also telling us something.

Secondly, the once sacrosanct M-word 1s also now in free fall for journalists, pundits, and reporters (all in fact except for one well known politician from Washington). Of late the M-word has also been padded a tad with a qualifier they dubbed “radicalized” which is helpful to cushion the fall for others of the species that could be vulnerable.

Unfortunately, they never really put the new term under the microscope to find out how the radicalization process happens to some and presumably not to others?

What most people overlook, it’s NOT just a temperamental twist of individuals. For sure, in surveying degrees of dedication in a parallel of Judeo-Christian behaviour, any such group is hardly monolithic. There are the true believers, the less-than-faithful rebels, and a valley of variety in between. Thus, in comparing any other class behaviour, the Islamic psyche would be a carbon copy.

Yet there is one glaring difference:The bedrock is the black and white cultural directives of the Holy Books which are the cookie cutters of the mindset of the society..

Take the Quran. It teaches in black and white, that deceit is not only allowed, but admirable if it can cut down an enemy or promote the deity. You can verify this by checking out the words “kitman” or “takiyya” on Google. Too easy!

Or if you have a Quran it’s also in Sura 3:28 and Sura 16:106. Murder is also quite a fabulous feat if the victim is Jewish. This can be backed up by MEMRI, CAMERA or Palestinian Media Watch. And there are multiple more pairs of reverse moralities in the literature.

This is of course, diametrically opposed to the Judeo-Christian Bible. In that psyche, the deeper the dedication, the deeper the compassion for all humanity. In the value system of Islam, however, the greater the faithfulness, the greater the dedication to a political goal of group conquest—of late dubbed “radicalization”. These are totally different goals of totally diverse mindsets. One is humanitarian, the other is political.

Very simply stated it is not merely an ethnically ordered mentality, it is diametrically opposed Holy Books—or cultural lore if you please—that sets the stage for a value system of perpetual conflict. One is blessingpeople and the nemesis is controlling people, and never the twain shall meet—except on the battle field that is!

Could we then say: “Get rid of all terrorist charters, and be free of those radicalized martyrs”. It has been widely claimed that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. There’s a bit of truth there, but their respective Holy Books have obviously come from different authors.

What the universe needs is an Adjudicator, but the secular and clueless princes of politics are not exactly the preferable candidates! They've had their turn. It's time for the Messiah,and preferably the same One who wrote—or was it dictated--the Good Book. Moreover, the politically correct pansies can then go home!

Finally (the 3rd and last Finally), there was a fair bit spoken and written by the follow-up pundits from Paris to Sydney about the strange responses and statements from one dubious detractor from D.C. One such report was: “Is Barack Obama delusional?”

That’s how Bill O’Reilly led his Fox News show last night, addressing Obama’s press conference in Turkey in which the president defended his disastrously ineffective policies for dealing with the rapidly metastasizing terror army ISIS which, after last week’s hellish Paris attacks, (ISIS) vows that Washington, D.C., is next.

O’Reilly continues: “Is President Barack Obama delusional about ISIS?...Joining us now from Washington (is) Charles Krauthammer: Charles, is he delusional?”

Responded Krauthammer, a Pulitzer-winning columnist and former psychiatrist: “Judging from the press conference, there are several explanations for that appalling performance; the kindest is that he’s delusional.”

Krauthammer explained: “He said on Friday that ISIS was not gaining in strength, [though] even his own Dianne Feinstein said essentially it’s a delusion. Of course it’s gaining in strength. … But the reason that ‘delusion’ is the kindest [explanation], is I think the more likely explanation is, he knows that opposition is weakening, he knows that ISIS is strong and that it’s a threat, but in the end, he doesn’t think it matters. He’s never thought the war on terror was important or existential. …”

O’Reilly: “But how can you say that he doesn’t understand that millions of people – millions of people – are either dying, being dislocated, being tortured, being wounded … and you still, Charles Krauthammer, say he doesn’t care? It doesn’t mean anything to him?”

Krauthammer: “There’s a difference between millions of people suffering and an existential threat to the West, which is what it is, and which is what he (the President) denies.

But there is much more to complete the interview with Krauthammer. Read the rest on:

And the final (Finally…) is a productive insight: How France became an inviting target of the Jihad that was forwarded to SPIM by a highly respected associate from Israel, OvadYah Avrahami who is the webmaster and coordinator of the Kol Ha Tor (KHT) Forum representing 10 Israel --the gathering of the returning/yet to return 10 Tribes of Jacob.

The Nov 18 KHT Forum focused on France's Muslim population and its current significance.
Read on:

The following factual review reveals the lack of insight (or refusal to acknowledge) by Westerners of the clash of ideologies which underlies the Islamic War which is gradually engulfing the whole world. The reason why we discuss these issues on this forum is because Esau's final onslaught now seems to be directed at 10-Israel.

ISIS’s attack on French civilians in Paris has been defined by presidents and the Pope as a Declaration of War on the entire World. “An attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share.” We have been brought “face to face with barbarism” (French News).

The age old Jewish warning came true: “First they came for the Jews ….”

Now it is all of non-Islamic humanity. Sure, this War is also waged even on Muslims – but, this means those Muslims who relent on the barbaric core culture element of Islam. There is no room for watered down hatred or rapprochement towards non-Islam. The end of dislike becomes hatred to kill and wipe out the ‘infidel’. It is a matter of time – or awaiting the barbaric circumstances to make a choice – and the core culture of Islam requires (and has culturally brainwashed its followers to) unrelenting dedication to the root—Islam, Mohamed—everything NON-Western, NON-democratic, NON-Christian, NON-Jewish.

The West still does not get the Message.

For most of us, there’s still a bit more to round out the message: For fully identifying what to call a spade, and FINALLY… what we need to acknowledge aloud, click on the full article:

Also due to circumstances beyond our control, a lot has happened in recent weeks that needs to connect the past with the future. To make up for lost time, we will be running a fair bit more on SPIM Facebook updates including soon-to-come A Dance of Death on

Keep checking SPIM Facebook.

Blessings and Shalom,

Victor Schlatter

One more reminder, the new release, "Hatred of the Jew: Why and When did the Barrage Begin?" is now available on Unfortunately we have not been able to get the cover photo ready for this bulletin

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"I SMELL A RAT", by Eli Gordon

"I smell a rat" - Written by Eli Gordon-before the Paris massacre

Syria has had a civil war for almost 5 YEARS. Why all the refugees" NOW and why so all of a SUDDEN and why in such VAST NUMBERS?

With an Honors degree in History and a lifelong student of the subject, I smell a rat.

This is a highly organized, well oiled, mobilized invasion by Muslims and Jihadists into the Western World. It's been in their plan for a long time.
Momar Gadhafi predicted and explicitly stated that Muslim domination of Europe would happen without a conventional war and he said it 30 years ago. 95% of these economic "refugees" many who have cell-phones are men between the fighting ages of 20 and 40. Very few women and children from everything I've seen.

Odd that the 5 wealthiest Arab States including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait are taking "no refugees" and feel quite self-righteous about it. No guilt what so ever? They are even laughing at us for doing

Ask yourself, why would Germany Belgium, Holland, France, Sweden and others want to destroy their own cultures from within? It doesn't make any sense? If this keeps up Europe will be burning daily within a very short few years if not months. Civil war in the streets between civilizations.
Muslims vs Kafirs, that is to say, everyone who is not a Muslim.

Unfortunately, the reality is that Muslims are just not like any other immigrants. They don't want to assimilate, they want to set up separate enclaves and implement Sharia Law. Another problem is that while the civilized West rightly abhors violence, conversely Muslims daily display their love of violence. They live it and embrace it. In many Muslim countries public beheadings and stoning to death for adultery for example.

It's a part of their culture precisely because, dare I say it, Islam is a death cult.

Islam is a supremacist, totalitarian, bigoted, fascist political ideology masquerading as a religion. It literally means "submission".

The Quran MANDATES death for blasphamy, for adultery, for apostasy, for family honour, for being gay, Jewish, Christian or a Kafir (non-muslim) as well as ten other "crimes" many not even considered to be so in the West. Death for drinking alcohol.

Why let in vast numbers of these brainwashed people especially men of that age when past experience has already demonstrated the tragedy, not to mention the financial, social, and political costs of rampant
multiculturalism in Europe.
Ordinary citizens are against this immigration
but strangely, their governments are not?

Someone or some organization is pulling some strings here is what I see.
Is this invasion part of the New World Order's plan to depopulate the planet? Maybe there's not even any such an organization but it's all over U-tube and other social media.

The major media are implicit in selling gullible citizens of the West the righteousness of the "refugees" cause and openly siding against Western culture. One drowned child's picture in the right places sparks outrage and sympathy world-wide for the movement and resettlement of vast numbers of Muslims.

However the implementation of Sharia Law, No Go Zone ghettos in most countries in Europe and Muslim rape gangs go unreported. In radical Islamist countries honour killings, beheadings, stoning's, cutting off
limbs, whipping and torture, paedophilia, child bride marriages, rape and misogyny go unreported DAILY and are dismissed as culturally ingrained.

Where is the indignity and the outrage over people doing this every day to their own populations? Yet a staged picture a drowned baby on a beach sparks a world outcry?

Muslim birth-rates are 8 children per family while Europeans average 1.4.

When these current millions bring in their multiple wives, children and extended families 85% of whom live on state benefits (England's experience) you can multiply their number by at least 10x, maybe 20x or
even more.

By 2050 Europe will be Muslim dominated just by demographics alone. When their numbers are sufficient they will legally vote in their own kind and then Sharia Law.

Europe as we know it will be lost forever. Two thousand years of civilization will be destroyed by the same fanatical bearded, bigoted, brutal, boneheaded, belligerent bastards who are now slaughtering their
own kind and blowing up ancient and irreplaceable world heritage buildings, monuments, books, manuscripts and other historically significant art treasures in Iraq, Syria and other conquered territories.

Canada should not get sucked into this quagmire of political correctness just to show how polite, civilized politically correct and Canadian we are.
We should learn a lesson from our Australian counterparts!

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Amanda's Story

The following is presented by Worship and Word Radio. Amanda's story will tug at your heart

Shalom Everyone,

I want to invite you all to listen to this heart wrenching story of Amanda Moral, a 28 year old survivor of Shaken Baby Syndrome. She is in desperate need of a procedure that will save her life. Please share this interview and the GoFundMe link with everyone you know and let’s be His church and make this miracle happen. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

28-year-old Shaken Baby Syndrome Survivor Seeks to Raise Funds for Life-Saving Adult Stem Cell Treatment and Help Other Children

FORT MILL, SC, September 27 – A life–saving adult stem cell treatment currently not approved by the FDA is saving countless lives. Amanda Moral wants it to save hers.

Amanda, 28, began experiencing epileptic bouts at four years of age after being severely shaken as an infant. When she slipped into a coma during her first grand-mal seizure, doctors put her in a medically induced coma to give her brain a rest from the seizures—seizures often occurring only a minute apart from each other.

Abusive Head Trauma (AHT), also known as “Shaken Baby Syndrome” (SBS), can be caused by direct blows to the head, dropping or throwing a child, or shaking a child. Head trauma is the leading cause of death in child abuse cases in the United States. For Amanda, it’s meant spending a majority of her life in and out of hospitals. Undeterred by the severity of her seizures, she has succeeded, through rigorous physical and occupational therapy, to learn again how to walk, feed herself, and comb her hair. A champion of courage, her current GPA is 3.8 as she pursues her associate’s degree in science and math at Central Piedmont Community College’s Levine Campus in Matthews, North Carolina.

Doctors have diagnosed Amanda’s seizures as both convulsive and non-convulsive status epilepticus—a condition causing seizures to last more than 30 minutes. She also suffers from focal, frontal, and medial temporal seizures. Some of these seizures alter emotions or change the way things look, smell, feel, taste, and sound. Even when medications are kept at therapeutic high levels, Amanda has continued to have break-through seizures, and her body is breaking down due to years of stress on her major organs. What happens to children with SBS is that they die in infancy or shortly before age 12. This is what is happening to Amanda now as she experiences seizures about 20-25 days each month.

There is a treatment that will cure Amanda. Following a successful fundraising campaign, Amanda will be treated by U.S. and international physicians and staff with extensive training and experience in adult stem cell therapy. Stem cells from her own body will be used to put an end to the seizures and repair damage done to her brain and heart. Amanda may then be able to live a normal, healthy life and fulfill her goals and dreams of helping others, especially children suffering from SBS.

Total cost of treatment and associated expenses is $82,000. Because the medical treatment is not FDA-approved, her insurance will not cover the cost of this life-saving procedure, leaving her and her family to find a way to cover the cost of treatment out-of-pocket. Over $18,000 has been raised.

If you would like to donate to help Amanda receive this life-saving treatment or to learn more about her story, please visit her GoFundMe Campaign, to contribute any amount.

For media inquiries, please contact Amanda’s mother, Virginia Moral, at
Address: 335 Sugar Creek Crossing Fort Mill, SC 29715

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Dan & Brenda are Moed Ministries....

Let me tell you about a few books these two have written:


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I do not load up Scripture in order to shoot folks

I rarely trust the translations (especially within the New Testament) I understand the antisemitic, replacement theological mentality espoused by early church Fathers. I also understand that various Christian "Mainline" organizations over the course of many years translated to suit their theological persuasion. I try to avoid (Actually, I avoid at all cost) getting into a conversation whereby a scripture versus a counter Scripture are used to carry a debate. Here is why: I do not trust the translation. 
I prefer using the Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels (FFOZ or Vine of David Publishing) when studying the gospels. When talking about Paul or Rabbi Shaul, I have the fundamental fact of his very Jewish identity in mind knowing that their are thoughts and ideas that he presents due to his inclination to appease the philosophers of his day. However, I marvel at his quoting of Moses and his adherence to TORAH via his position and prominence. 
I see his writings from a Hebrew construct not western construct with the concepts found in ancient treaty law which his culture and century would have been totally governed by. I use a variety of Programs to study with but rely quite a bit on Power Bible....programs. 

I almost always look at the Greek and then the Hebrew construct of a word because most of the translations are oblivious to the prime root of any given word or it is not even translated from the Hebrew. 

Equally important is the fact that when speaking with Christians I know that most are coming from a cultural identity based on heaps and heaps of Replacement Theological concepts.It is like having a conversation with someone who is defending an orange while describing an apple... 

So I do not get into debates where by the scriptures are used as a point, counter point tool....The cultural integrity, poetic writing styles, Chiastic writing styles as well as PARDES in Hebraic thought along with Paleo concepts (Picture writings) and Biblical Hebrew are almost always absent when discussing the scriptures with the average Christian. We simply are not taught any Hebrew influence or dare I say original methodology that depict the entire "Book of Kingdom Law" whether discussing Historical Protocol, Covenant, Treaty Law, or the revelation of YEHOVAH through ISRAEL (otherwise known as the scriptures)
Vine Of David is preparing to publish the Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels Bible. This upcoming publication reveals the Jewish essence of the teachings of the…
Jeff Morton
Write a comment...

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The Collapse of Western Society, Beginning with Europe

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The Sunni-Shiite War, World War?

Syria's Civil War: Please watch this five minute video
Source VOX

I portend a WORLD WAR is shaping up 
which is starting between Sunni and Shiite Islam.

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24 Hour NEWS except for, "ISIS’s Gruesome Muslim Death Toll"

ISIS VIOLENCE by Dean Obeidallah
Source The Daily Beast

ISIS’s Gruesome Muslim Death Toll

The group’s killing of Westerners gets attention. But ISIS has killed far more Muslims, and publicizing that fact would harm it more.

Last Thursday, the United Nations released a report that could provide us with one of the keys to defeating ISIS. Unfortunately, it received almost zero media attention.

What makes this 26-page report (PDF) so powerful is that it describes to us the gruesome circumstances in which ISIS has killed fellow Muslims. We are talking beheadings, killing of women for objecting to ISIS’ policies, and executing Sunni Muslim clerics for refusing to swear allegiance to ISIS.

Why is this important? This information can hopefully help dissuade other Muslims from joining or financially supporting ISIS. And it may even persuade other Muslim countries to join or increase their efforts in fighting ISIS. The reason being that slaughtering fellow Muslims is seen as universally wrong across the Muslim world and as a violation of Islamic values. In fact, Al Qaeda has even publicly criticized ISIS for this very conduct.

Now the report also details ISIS’ horrific actions against Christians, Yazidis, and other minorities. But these events—along with the grisly beheadings of American journalists and Western aid workers- have been covered extensively by our media.

The killing of Muslims has not, and part of the reason may be because we lacked facts surrounding those events. After all, ISIS releases videos of its gruesome actions that it wants the world media to discuss but doesn’t publicize events it understands can hurt its cause.

This report changes that. It provides us with evidence we were missing about the specifics of ISIS’ actions towards Muslims. This investigation, undertaken by UN’s Human Rights Office together with the UN’s Assistance Mission for Iraq, conducted more than 500 interviews with witnesses and visited locations across Iraq to examine how many civilians were killed in Iraq between July and September of this year.

What did the UN find? ISIS had “carried out attacks deliberately and systematically targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure, with the intention of killing and wounding civilians.” The UN concluded that in the first eight months of 2014, at least 9,347 civilians had been killed and at least 17,386 wounded. While all these deaths are not attributable to ISIS alone, ISIS is identified as the primary actor. (The report also documents what could be considered war crimes committed by the Iraqi military.)

Here are a few examples from the report to give you an idea of the way ISIS has methodically slaughtered Muslims:

  • -On September 5, ISIS executed three Sunni women in Mosul. What was their “crime”? They refused to provide medical care to ISIS fighters.
  • - On September 9, ISIS executed a Sunni Imam in western Mosul for refusing to swear loyalty to ISIS.
  • - On August 2, a man from the Salah ad Din province was abducted and beheaded for refusing to swear allegiance to ISIS.
  • -On August 19, a female Muslim doctor south of Mosul was killed for organizing a protest to object to ISIS’ mandate that female doctors cover their faces with religious veils when treating patients
  • -On August 31, 19 Sunni Muslim men were executed in Saadiya for refusing to swear allegiance to ISIS.
  • -On July 22, a Sunni Imam in Eastern Baquba was killed for simply denouncing ISIS.
  • -On September 9, ISIS executed two Muslim women by shooting them in the back of the head. Their exact “crime” was not known.

And the list goes on from ISIS slaughtering 1,500 Iraqi soldiers in June to blowing up numerous Sunni mosques because apparently the leaders of those mosques refused to swear loyalty to ISIS.

Here’s the thing: The leaders of ISIS are very aware that the killing of fellow Muslims—especially Sunnis- could hurt their cause in attracting support from the Sunni Muslim world. In fact, ISIS is so concerned about the possible backlash that the group’s leaders addressed this subject (PDF) in the latest issue of its online magazine.

In between its threats against Obama and promises of a great life for Muslims in their new so-called caliphate, ISIS offered justifications for killing fellow Muslims. For example, they claim that some Muslims ambushed ISIS fighters, took them hostage and “and then tortured, amputated, and executed prisoners.” They even alleged that some of the Sunni Muslims they killed were “drowning” in alcohol and drugs and had more than four wives.
The leaders of ISIS are very aware that the killing of fellow Muslims—especially Sunnis- could hurt their cause in attracting support from the Sunni Muslim world.

But when you read the details of the UN report, you realize the common thread in ISIS’ killings of Muslims has nothing to do with Islam. It has to do with absolute power. It doesn’t matter if you are a Sunni cleric or a Christian woman, your choice is to submit to ISIS or die.

I wish the media would give more coverage to ISIS’ crimes against Muslims. The publicity would hurt the group’s cause tremendously, and it could also make the case to my fellow Americas that this fight is not Islam versus the West. Rather, it’s everyone who doesn’t want to live under ISIS’ brutal dictatorship versus ISIS.

And those Muslims who gave their lives fighting against or refusing to give into ISIS in our common struggle should be recognized in the media for their bravery. It would be very powerful to see images in our media of the Muslims killed by ISIS, not just Westerners.

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Killing Worship!

I thought this article sent to me by Scott Bell, owner of Worship and Word Radio ( is very descriptive of a lot of the music that I hear on Christian radio (which I do not listen to much anymore.)


8 Reasons the Worship Industry Is Killing Worship

(Photo: Flickr: by Jiaren Lau, creative commons license)
I grew up listening to contemporary Christian music. I’ve still got the Michael W. Smith cassette tapes to prove it. For a Baptist homeschooler, there was really no other option, it seemed. Our church was also contemporary, but in the late 80s and early 90s, that meant we sang little choruses, a few early CCM songs (think Keith Green, Maranatha, that sort of thing) and some gospel hymn medleys, not the stuff we heard on the radio. That’s not the case anymore. While there may not be complete overlap, there is virtually no difference between “church” music and “radio” music.
I’m not sure that’s a good thing.
In a recent post about the decline of contemporary worship, I suggested that it might be time for Christians, particularly those who recognize the importance of worship, to kill the worship industry before it kills worship. Here are some reasons why I think this is the case.
1. It’s sole purpose is to make us feel something. The industry, as with the mainstream music industry, must engage us on a purely sensory level to find widespread appeal in an entertainment-addicted culture. It must make us feel something on a purely emotional level. It strikes a match for the initial excitement of the spark. It must hook us in to be profitable. And so, the quality of theology, poetry, and music suffers accordingly. And we trade the beauty of God’s story for the initial excitement of sensory stimulation. Singing love songs to Jesus is not the point of gathered worship. I find Robert Webber’s definition helpful: Worship is doing God’s story.
2. The industry hijacks worship. When the mind is disengaged and worship is reduced to an emotional experience, worship descends into narcissistic and self-referential meaninglessness. It becomes, to borrow a term from my experience in evangelical culture, “unchristian.” It turns us inward. How many times have we heard people say, “I can’t worship with that kind of music!” or “I really felt like I could worship today!” What they mean is, “I didn’t feel it” or “I was entertained.” True Christian worship happens when we engage with the Christian story through Word and Sacrament. When it’s done well, the only possible response is one that looks outside the self to the goodness of God and God’s work in human history, and searches for our place in God’s story.
3. It says that music IS worship. For the industry, the “worship” is the music part of the service. It uses the old revival meeting order, with a long singing block followed by a long preaching block. In most instances, the invitation is replaced by a another singing block. The singing is the “worship,” the preaching is…well, we’re not sure. It’s not really worship. No corporate prayer, no creeds, no confession. No more gathering, proclaiming, thanksgiving, and The industry’s “worship” music, “worship” albums, and “worship” leaders have helped solidify the contemporary church’s departure from historic liturgy.
4. It’s a derivative of mainstream commercial music. In the 1960s, Leonard Bernstein said that perhaps five percent of the pop music explosion had something of value to say, giving this Brian Wilson masterpiece as an example. After fifty years, that percentage is undoubtedly lower, because of the exponential increase in output. And because the industry is committed to creating christianized versions of popular forms, there is little creativity. It just copies the marketable sounds and adds jesusy words. (Does the David Crowder Band sound like Hootie and the Blowfish, or is it just me?)
5. It perpetuates an awkward contemporary Christian media subculture.It occurred to me recently that mainstream cinema produces better Christian movies than any “Christian” production company can do because they are fully committed to telling a story, while Christian movies are trying to preach a self-help sermon without using any salty language. Disney gave us “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Christian culture gave us “Fireproof” and the “Left Behind” franchise. Case in point right there. Christian music is much the same. It can’t possibly find itself in Bernstein’s five percent because it’s too busy talking about how “Christian” it is, instead of telling the story.
6. It spreads bad theology. Mostly because it comes from the wrong sources. The best of the church’s hymnody was written by pastors and theologians. It was crafted by poets and scholars. The result are texts of high quality. But the industry in its quest to be marketable only has room for marketable people who write marketable songs. It entrusts sacred storytelling to many with dubious credentials as artists, poets, or theologians.
7. It creates worship superstars. I don’t think all artists and worship leaders are purely seeking fame. I think most of them would eschew the label. But this is what they become. They can’t help it. Entertainment begets fandom. They sound the part, they look the part, they dress the part. Their existence demands it. Because their craft mimics that of mainstream music stars, so does our reaction to them. We the church become an audience. Groupies. Screaming teenagers for Jesus.
8. It’s made music into a substitute Eucharist. Most evangelicals, along with the mainline Protestants who are looking to commercial Christian music as an institutional life preserver, use music as if it were a sacrament. Through their music, they allow themselves to be carried away on an emotional level into a perceived sensory connection with the divine. Music is their bread and wine. Don’t believe me? Try telling your church, your pastor even, that we should make a switch. Let’s have Communion ever week, and music once a month (or where I come from, once a quarter). It probably won’t go over well.
I think this is one reason why most evangelicals (not just Zwingli’s faith descendants) devalue Holy Communion so much. They don’t really see the point. They don’t feel anything. For them, no stimulation equals no worship. But for the historic church, there was no worship without the Eucharist. It was the natural culmination of the liturgy. We take in the bread and wine, and we are poured out into a dry, thirsty creation as participants in the gospel story. Jesus invites us, saying, “Here are my body and blood.” Music adds a valuable dimension, but it doesn’t usher us into God’s presence.
(Photo: Flickr: by Cathy Stanley-Erickson, creative commons license)
“But then nobody would come to our worship services! It wouldn’t be fun! It would be boring!”
Just like good art, Christian worship demands our engagement. In a sense, worship should be exceedingly boring in that it doesn’t offer that over-stimulation that the masses crave. But to those who really give themselves in participation, it is more entertaining than the anything media (mainstream or Christian) can offer, because it offers something so radically alternative to fallen mundanity.
So what can we do? I think we all have to decide for ourselves. For me personally, with very rare exception, I will not support the worship industry. I won’t pay for the music. I won’t go to concerts. I won’t listen to commercial Christian radio. I just can’t. This isn’t about starting a revolution. It’s not a matter of preference. This is a matter of conscience for me. While I will still listen to various forms of mainstream popular music, both old and new, I won’t support the christianized version subverting the essentials of Christian worship.
This is not a curmudgeonly rant against new music. There is good sacred music being written, but in most cases, we’ve got to look outside the worship machine to find it.
It’s about freeing worship from the stranglehold of the industry.
It’s about reconsidering how we the church interact with music.
It’s about rejecting the artistic poverty of the commercial and enriching our worship with creativity.
It’s about using our brains in worship, not just waiting for emotional stimulation.
It’s about not being so drunk with the box wine of commercial music that we never learn to savor the Bordeaux of grace that’s freely offered to us.
True Christian worship isn’t about creating a spark. It’s about lighting candles to be carried out into the darkness.
Maybe it’s time we stopped playing with matches.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Prophets of YOUTUBE?

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Friday, November 13, 2015

The Church and the Sacrificial System, An 1800 Year Disconnect

“Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, ‘When any man of you brings an offering to the Lord, you shall bring your offering of animals from the herd or the flock.’” Leviticus 1:2 NASB
Of you – Do you remember Kushner’s comment about word order in translation? (see November 10, 2015). She noted that “In the Hebrew Bible, a verb often appears before a noun; . . . For translators, this one seemingly small difference in sentence structure can create big problems, because once the order of a sentence is altered, the meaning can be up for grabs too.”[1] Jonathan Sacks points to this mistake in Leviticus 1:2. The translators have moved the phrase, “of you,” from its original position in the sentence. In Hebrew the prepositional phrase is attached to the word “sacrifice,” not “man.” The literal translation says, “When any man brings a sacrifice of you.” Sacks notes that the rabbis consider thisoriginal word order to mean that we bring ourselves in the sacrifice. “The real sacrifice is mikem, ‘of you.’ We give God something of ourselves.”[2] Changing the word order significantly alters the meaning of the text.
Did you realize that sacrifice is about you, not about the animal that is merely the symbol of you? Once you embrace the real word order of the text, is it still possible to imagine that sacrifice is a legal requirement annulled by the death of Yeshua on the cross? How could that be if the sacrifice is really you? Doesn’t this change everything? Doesn’t this mean that sacrifice, in whatever form it is offered, cannot cease until you no longer need to present yourself before the Lord? Yes, the Temple is not standing, but does that really make any difference at all to the intention and significance of sacrifice? Yes, Temple sacrifices have been temporarily halted and rabbinic teaching has substituted study and charity, but does that alter the real purpose? Aren’t you and I still the ones who symbolically must climb onto the altar and be burned? What difference does the process make, other than to be as close as possible to the instructions of YHVH?
How disappointing to discover that the translation of the text changes the intention of the ritual! What happened to us? Why were we so willing to make sacrifice something external to us, something that involved merely following ritual directions? Didn’t we hear His voice telling us that He hates the stink of bulls? Sacrifice was never about the animal, was it? Sometimes it seems as if we have clouded the text so much that we can barely see the face of YHVH in the darkness of the translation. And how will we ever remove the cover-up?   How can we as English readers ever find our way through the layers of translation revisions in order to really know what the Lord of all creation says to us? Oh, some days we just want to throw up our hands and plead, “Lord, oh Lord, the God I love, how can I ever know You when men have so carefully disguised You from me? Help me, Father, to diligently uncover your true voice.”
Topical Index: sacrifice, of you, Leviticus 1:2
[1] Aviya Kushner, The Grammar of God, p. 27.
[2] Jonathan Sacks, Covenant & Conversation, p. 80.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What Terrible Editing Looks Like

I am learning how to use VideoStudio X8. What you are about to watch, posted on YOUTUBE (should you care to check it out)  is the 1st attempt....

I was attempting to put forth an idea concerning Psalm 22 and why Jesus or Yeshua (Proper) would quote this psalm prior to his death.

So far, YOUTUBE flagged me for copy right. So the beginning of the video which had two minute sound track. taken from that horribly antisemitic movie, by the horribly antisemitic actor, Mel Gibson..The Passion of Christ.....I will keep learning this software and doing more vlogs or Video Blogs...

This edit really is horrible....Those of you who follow my stuff will hopefully watch the improvements happen. Sort of like, a "Before & After"

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Numbers 23:19

I have been attempting to say a single thing for nearly over 8 years now. I have tried several ways to say it without appearing to be over the edge. I have existed in the Facebook world along with several other social media sights, my blog, Internet radio, radio and a few television interviews. Here is what that one thing is.

We have raised up a religious, interpretation of the Kingdom of Yahweh. So too did the ancient kingdom of Nimrod, the Hittites, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Egyptians, the Persians, ancient Greece, Rome, Constantinople/Islam, Western Theology (with a Greek Template) None taught the Kingdom of YHVH, all are facsimiles of what our Creator has purposed. We did not envision the various kingdoms/nations of this earth they are all based on the primary. "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be done" has always been the purpose. This was, in my opinion, the reason Yahweh Spoke creation into existence...

He is preparing a place for his Kingdom in this earth. 
Just as America has Washington DC, Russia has Moscow, China has Beijing, etc, etc The Kingdom of God has....Jerusalem! I believe that watching the Kingdoms of this earth and throughout history do what they have always done specifically against God is what we are all witnessing today. These same kingdoms have raised up numerous golden calves "other gods" including Western Society that have not taught the Statutes and Commandments, Festivals, Calendar and what God implicitly poured into the children of Jacob. Most have "Mixed the seed" making religion suit their/our interpretation...Hence the "Restoration" of all things is prophesied and underway. Oddly enough, most scholars, teachers and pastoral folks garner much of what we teach from..Israel, and the rabbi's, both Messianic and Orthodox!...Just like God intended. If you open your bible today at any point YOU will prove my last statement.

None of what is written is "Religious!" Rather what pours out of this book is "Kingdom precedent/protocol, historically, militarily, legally, and based on Covenant Authority. When talking about any of this with anyone, ONE thing consistently occurs. We apply what God poured into Israel to our nation/kingdom's, interpretations, culturally or otherwise!...Most skip over the very fact that he poured all of this information into...ISRAEL and most skip over the fact, the horrific treatment of Israel that has chased the Jews through the centuries due to the rejection of his people!

When the Hebrew prophet, Isaiah wrote this 
[] he did not have a cultural identity to the Christian/Catholic, Islamic or even Greek concepts of our Creator.....Like ancient Egypt and the gods that were totally and completely worshiped and any other time period or nation...Our Creator will destroy the gods of the nations!

Bamidbar 23:16 El is not an ish, that He should lie; neither a ben adam, that He should change His mind; hath He said, and shall He not do it? Or hath He spoken, and shall He not carry it out?

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Friday, November 6, 2015

His blood was not sprinkled on the alter?

I read this and thought, "Jeeesh what have we done to your word ABBA, FATHER!" this is ridiculous but most of Christianity hangs on this mindset I did too, until I returned the Biblical text back to the culture that ABBA purposed all of us to know him through.
I read this question and then read the answer given....We have gotten so far away from why YHWH created Israel

Question: "Why did the sacrificial system require a blood sacrifice?"

Answer: The whole of the Old Testament, every book, points toward the Great Sacrifice that was to come—that of Jesus’ sacrificial giving of His own life on our behalf. Leviticus 17:11 is the Old Testament’s central statement about the significance of blood in the sacrificial system. God, speaking to Moses, declares: “For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one’s life.”

A “sacrifice” is defined as the offering up of something precious for a cause or a reason. Making atonement is satisfying someone or something for an offense committed. The Leviticus verse can be read more clearly now: God said, “I have given it to you (the creature’s life, which is in its blood) to make atonement for yourselves (covering the offense you have committed against Me).” In other words, those who are covered by the blood sacrifice are set free from the consequences of sin.

Of course, the Israelites did not know of Jesus per se, or how He would die on their behalf and then rise again, but they did believe God would be sending them a Savior. All of the many, many blood sacrifices seen throughout the Old Testament were foreshadowing the true, once-for-all-time sacrifice to come so that the Israelites would never forget that, without the blood, there is no forgiveness. This shedding of blood is a substitutionary act. Therefore, the last clause of Leviticus 17:11 could be read either “the blood ‘makes atonement’ at the cost of the life” (i.e., the animal’s life) or “makes atonement in the place of the life” (i.e., the sinner’s life, with Jesus Christ being the One giving life through His shed blood).

Hebrews 9:11-18 confirms the symbolism of blood as life and applies Leviticus 17:11 to the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. Verse 12 states clearly that the Old Testament blood sacrifices were temporary and only atoned for sin partially and for a short time, hence the need to repeat the sacrifices yearly. But when Christ entered the Most Holy Place, He did so to offer His own blood once for all time, making future sacrifices unnecessary. This is what Jesus meant by His dying words on the cross: “It is finished” (John 19:30). Never again would the blood of bulls and goats cleanse men from their sin. Only by accepting Jesus’ blood, shed on the cross for the remission of sins, can we stand before God covered in the righteousness of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21).

Okay so here is what I now understand:

Their is no sacrifice for intentional sin only unintentional Leviticus 4 The Sacrifices had nothing to do with sin)…/V…/Zevachim/zevachim.html

Ezekiel 45 shreds the above answer/commentary
And so too does
Zechariah14:16 Then the survivors from all the nations that have attacked Jerusalem will go up year after year to worship the King, the LORD Almighty, and to celebrate the Festival of Tabernacles.

Shall we continue to shred the above stuff? Okay let's continue:

Isaiah 18:7
At that time gifts will be brought to the LORD Almighty from a people tall and smooth-skinned, from a people feared far and wide, an aggressive nation of strange speech, whose land is divided by rivers-- the gifts will be brought to Mount Zion, the place of the Name of the LORD Almighty.

Isaiah 19:21
So the LORD will make himself known to the Egyptians, and in that day they will acknowledge the LORD. They will worship with sacrifices and grain offerings; they will make vows to the LORD and keep them.

Isaiah 27:13
And in that day a great trumpet will sound. Those who were perishing in Assyria and those who were exiled in Egypt will come and worship the LORD on the holy mountain in Jerusalem.

What is sin according to KINGDOM Law?

1st John 3:4 Everyone who commits sin also breaks the law; sin is the breaking of law.

Romans 3:20 What shall we say, then? Is the law sinful? Certainly not! Nevertheless, I would not have known what sin was had it not been for the law. For I would not have known what coveting really was if the law had not said, "You shall not covet."

Matthew 5:17 Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.

"Fulfill" a Hebrew Idiom in this context:…/director/articles_director_1006.html

By the way, the blood of Jesus was not sprinkled on the alter!..
Now that goes against all of the Kingdom precedent concerning...Sacrifice!
Okay, I am done...return to the Kingdom of is coming!

Parashat Vayikra - Why the Sacrifices?
Why the Sacrifices? Further Reflections on Parashat Vayikra.


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