Saturday, October 3, 2015

Yes, I sent out the "Email Blast!"

Can I have your attention for a moment:
I am watching the following again and highly, highly recommend Skip Moen's presentation: From Genesis to Genesis

I spend every moment of my life trying to share with CHRISTIANS anyway possible, how we understand the bible and the story being presented through the Bible is diametrically opposite or in opposition to the actual text. Hence, what we worship is sort of like a golden calf or facsimile or "darkly"....[Wrought with deception, miss translation, antisemitic thought and philosophical debate.] 

We, in our culture (Born of Greek persuasion) assume much and then conclude much...most of which is as far away from the Biblical text and narrative as is Pluto from the earth. In 2007 I saw the Bible completely different from the Christian world view and have attempted, at times desperately, to show to you what was shown to me. I understand what Skip is saying in the same way you understand how to boil water......
this presentation is over two hours long...please watch and maybe even offer feed back. 

I am sending this to over 80 people in my email list that I pray will not be upset or displeased with my doing so...YOU are important to me

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