Friday, October 30, 2015

This is not an easy message!

Okay, so I have a lot to say before I leave for work:
First I have avoided being a part of the prophecy world, I have an interest but not a devotion to prophecy.
I have resisted sharing what I share from a shall we say, "TBN type" Christian etiquette, pleasing to the ear, heart and emotional well being of the listener. I am studying so many things and listening to so many people who share my view concerning the Kingdom of YHWH, which encompasses, Honor and Shame, Ancient Covenant Treaty type constitution, King and Kingdom and how Israel is a final destination of all that Abba, Father is doing. (These folks all do a much better job than do I, that's part of my problem and I do recognize this shortcoming)
Nevertheless, I do not relate to western theology or the Christian theological perspective of what Abba, Father is doing when Israel is not the focus ...
I comprehend more of what many Jewish sages have passed down through the ages. I would readily listen to a Biblical Rabbi much, much quicker than just about every Christian Pastor alive in our generation who teaches from a disconnected perspective of those who wrote the book he/she uses!
Albeit, it is not possible for me to toss out the life, death, and resurrection of Yeshua/Yehovah but I understand his renewing of the marriage covenant from a Suzerain, Vassal perspective in order to bring about the Kingdom of YHWH in this earth reconnect Heaven to Earth, Israel to Yahweh, and the 70 nations to the purposed kingdom. Moreover, to restore the BRIDE, the daughter, the women to the man. Equally important, to restore man to his intended purpose. "To be fruitful and to multiply the Kingdom of YHWH"
To Prepare Ye the way of the LORD.......
Having said all of this.....I love Skip Moen's teaching..What he is sharing substantiates the plethora of missing information in Christian Theological, historical, and factual arena of the story of Israel and the Hebrew People....
All of the above makes me extremely unpopular in the Christian religious faith, I am not celebrated in the black community, nor am I trying to accommodate being accepted...truth be told, I could careless!
YHWH placed something into my core 8 years ago which shredded my Christian belief. In 2011 YHWH shredded my concepts of women and placed into my head how he see's women. What we have done throughout the societies of the world is placed women into a sub-category. To Abba, Father it is as if we took everything he is and tossed him/them (women) into a pig-pen that has not been refreshed for nearly 7 thousand years. I feel amazingly sorry for the man who stands before the YEHOVAH complaining about women......
You have been warned!
On the other delivery of what is in my head is often overly critical and lacks enough supportive information concerning why I am writing or saying what I write and, or say. Part of the reason is in my character, lack of patience and because of what Abba, has shown me. Not to justify my shortcomings but can you imagine living knowing that a type of destruction unknown to humanity is soon to occur in the United States? Can you imagine trying to share all of this to a world oblivious, to children who are just trying to live a normal life? Can you imagine having a foreknowledge of the hand of YHWH signing an edict which removes the protections afforded AMERICA?
Can you imagine dreaming of meteors blowing up America, walls of water moving over the top of the Empire State building? Can you imagine waking up to an utterly and completely destroyed or surrendered nation to a world system that begins killing your neighbors? These are the things that I absolutely know are soon. So now I am going to try and share this stuff in a different way. Here is why....
The King is coming...................
[I do not know how this will happen, I just know that it is beginning]
"Thy Kingdom Come" 
is our hope, 

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