Wednesday, October 28, 2015

TESHUVAH, [addendum]


What I am always trying to say but have never said well is this: Believing in the Creator whom purposed the Biblical account is what millions of Christians absolutely, without reservation cling to for hope, peace and an eternal relationship with YEHOVAH. I have never disputed this as being honorable and just. What I confront and will continue to confront is the lies that are now woven into the Biblical account that remove millions of Christians from the Hebraic REALITY of the scriptures. The story of Israel is central to what YEHOVAH is revealing....period!

To layer church theology on top of the Biblical narrative without comprehending why YEHOVAH did everything through Israel is what has happened. When I say Israel most Christians immediately think Jews as opposed to Yehovah's plan...The psychology attached to this is what "Replacement Theology" has done and continues to do. It is my contention that most of Christian doctrine is at it's core, antisemitic and therefore removed from its root existing solely on old and new concepts...I will wage a war against these concepts for the rest of my life...of this, I promise!
The house is divided, how can this ever be okay? The nations against Israel is a death sentence to...the nations against Israel....
The church has taught most of the nations to be against Israel, focusing more on pro church, go figure!

 Jesus never looked like this...

But the Romans did!

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