Monday, October 5, 2015

Our Creator was actually not talking to us!

The following two video's are a direct result of watching Skip Moen's presentation "From Genesis to Genesis" which he delivered down in Oregon to "Torah to the Tribes" 

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Michael Ortega said...

Hi Jeff! Want to continue conversation with you at a proper time. Did you see about the asteroid that is heading toward earth? Also do you know of mychal-massie he is very much along the lines of your uncoloring race? Did you get a chance to see Dan Mohler on you tube 2015? Also did you keep abreast about the shooting of Christians in Roseburg and all that has been going on down there especially today with Obama? Over 8,000 people did not want him there! It was all about gun-control! He went to an empty auditorium because the families of lost loved ones didn't want to be there! Important times like you said in September and now October. God is moving !!!!!! Your bro from another mama, Michael O.