Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Interview with Jane Kiel, "Jerusalem Jane"

On Saturday, October, 17th I spoke with Jane Kiel affectionately known as Jerusalem Jane. 
We prerecorded the show because Jane is receiving an award in Israel during the time my show would be otherwise live on or Worship and Word Radio.

I was introduced to Jane via my good friend, Mr. Victor Sharpe who suggested to me to become acquainted with Jane's work in Israel a few months back. I have been following her work ever since. I will spare you all of the details about what she does in this post. I will encourage you to visit her website to both see for yourself and to make a donation. 

On her new Facebook Page, "Israel, One Nation"  there are 16,737 likes...If everyone who likes her page contributed 5 bucks...just $5.00 or the equivalent around the globe this would be extraordinary. Please, make a difference if you truly "LIKE" Jerusalem Jane. She desperately needs your "LIKE" to be more than a click!
Your support could very well be, life saving

The following Podcast is 90 minutes

Jane has been reporting the truth verses the world media about actual events happening in Jerusalem and throughout Israel. The media bias and outright lies and distortions that most people consume is why Jane does what she does. Can you imagine a woman selling everything she has in order to move to Israel to report the truth? I marvel at the conviction of women. I am in awe of the living testimony that is, Jane Kiel.

Under threat of death and with a need to relocate her life, Jane proceeded to share fearlessly what she does and why she does it for nearly 90 minutes on the Jeff Morton Report. Off the air she shared, "I think I need to take a vacation until the dust settles" but she has no funds to do much of anything. She also shared that at times she lives without food.....

Her video's are posted on  a special Facebook and a few on YOUTUBE.

Please get to know her and support her. Jane has become known to the community of death...She is not afraid but lacks resources to adequately relocate....
Listen to our show today at 4:00 PM Pacific to learn more about Jane Kiel and possibly to help her secure a safer location while she continues to report truth...
My show will be immediately archived on my website and Podcast page

I am never going to stop promoting people who serve, THY KINGDOM COME, Thanks for reading this. More importantly, thanks for opening you bank account to support another daughter of the King!
My wife and Sister said to me after returning home from Israel..."What we hear on the television about Israel is lies!"....They saw first hand truth. This is what Jane Kiel is hoping you too, will see!

The Jeff Morton Report Sundays at 4:00 Pacific Time (Internet Radio) Visit for additional information

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