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Jerusalem Jane on the Jeff Morton Report October 18th

From Victor Sharpe

Dear Friends:

This is from my friend, Jane Kiel, who is a pro-Israel Christian lady from Denmark. She is living in Jerusalem, Israel and is witnessing the barbaric Palestinian Arab and Muslim murder onslaught against Jewish and Israeli civilians in the streets of the eternal Jewish capital and throughout embattled Israel.

She has been physically threatened by Muslim thugs while visiting the holiest Jewish religious site in the world, the Temple Mount. She has also been the victim of threats against her life by the same Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

This campaign of terror is organized by the Holocaust denier and titular head of the PLO and the crime family known as the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen). He is aided and abetted by Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of the Hamas Islamist thugs who occupy Gaza.

Imams in their mosques preach diabolic hatred from their pulpits and urge the Muslim “faithful” to commit murder and mayhem in the name of Allah!

As Jews are being slaughtered, the venomous international mainstream media is weeping its crocodile tears only over the Arab terrorists who are stopped during their murderous attacks by the Israeli police.

The same corrupt media sheds few, if any, tears for the Jewish victims of terror who endure the bloodthirsty violence and crimes perpetrated by the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

There is a  veritable moral sickness consuming the world’s media and by so many of its reporters and journalists.

Please, therefore, forward Jane’s eye witness accounts from Jerusalem to your local news outlets and inform as many people as you can about what is happening. Let your churches and synagogues also know what is happening and urge them to, in turn, inform their congregations.

As Jane says, “what is happening is so horrible,” and evil exists and multiplies when the light of truth is dimmed or hidden from view.

In this instance, ignorance is not bliss. So please inform and educate your friends and neighbors about these Islamo-Nazi outrages afflicting Jewish men, women and children in the Jewish homeland.

Thank you.
Victor Sharpe

Author of the trilogy, Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state.

From: Jane Kiel []
Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2015 5:51 AM
To: Jane Kiel
Subject: Jerusalem is under siege.

I dont even know how to begin this email because what is happening here is so horrible, and I cannot get into everything because we are in the midst of a terror wave that strikes every day. 

This is just what has happened today:

Three people have been murdered and as many as 17 wounded - some of them seriously - in two near-simultaneous terrorist attacks in Jerusalem.
In the first incident, a 60-year-old man was killed and 15 others wounded, eight seriously, in a shooting attack on a Number 78 bus traveling along Gallows Street in the Jerusalem suburb of Armon Hanatziv.
I heard all the police and sirens as that is close to my area, and I felt sick because I knew something horrible must have happened.
Magen David Adom and United Hatzalah paramedics at the scene described chaos and multiple severe casualties.

A second, critically wounded victim succumbed to his wounds nearly two hours later, bringing the death toll in that attack up to two.
The attack involved two Arab terrorists, one of whom was shot dead by police. The second terrorist was shot and wounded, and has been taken into custody.
Early investigations indicate that the Muslim terrorists intended to hijack the bus, along with its passengers. It is not yet clear what they intended to do with the vehicle or their hostages afterwards but one can only imagine.

Minutes after that attack, a car and knife attack took place on Malchei Yisrael street.
The terrorist in that attack reportedly plowed his car into a bus stop and then emerged brandishing a knife, stabbing several passersby.
One person, later named as Rabbi Yeshiyahu Krishevsky, was killed in that attack, and another person was wounded. Paramedics treated the wounded victim at the scene before transporting him to hospital in light condition.

Following the attacks, police have closed off all roads into Jerusalem. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called an emergency security cabinet meeting.
Its only 2.30 pm, who knows how many more attacks we will see today.
My friend from Norway saw two terrorists being arrested at Yaffo street outside the Clal building and on Zion Square. I walk there almost every single day.
Right now, you are not safe anywhere in this wonderful city! Zion Spuare and Jaffa street are where I walk every single day.

I just posted something on Facebook and shared it with many groups. I will end this email by sharing it with you.
I will send another email soon as things are happening to me also, I had my first speaking engagement in public. I am overwhelmed by the love and support I am receiving from the Jewish people. But then I also have new Muslim threats coming against me, so I really need you all to keep me in your prayers. Its more than serious than ever and I am trying to decide what is my next step in all of this.

But I am still extremely happy to be here and loving the Jewish people. My life gets more and more meaning full every single day. I am still so extremely honored to be here in Jerusalem and in the midst of everything.

It just breaks my heart when I see all these Arab terror attacks, and Jewish blood being spilled each and every day.
I was in the Knesset (Parliament) yesterday for the opening for the winter season and Benjamin Netanyahu gave an amazing speech, wow, wow and wow.
I was later being interviewed by a pastor from America, Paul Begley for 2 YouTube videos. He was really nice and loves what I am doing here. He kept saying it was a divine calling why I am here and I agree.

I was also asked to write a new blog for Israel Forever Foundation which is a big organization, they have shared my blog about why I stand with Israel. Now they want more material from me.
I am truly so busy all the time, my health is better, my medicine was increased so that helped me.

Love from Israel,

My post from Facebook:


3 people killed and 16 wounded in Muslim terror attacks in Jerusalem today. Attacks outside the city as well, and terrorists arrested in downtown Jerusalem before they managed to hurt anyone.

It's not even 3 pm, how will this day end for the Jewish nation. How many people have to die here before the world is waking up!!

I have helicopters passing over my house all the time, and I also hear sirens. It’s time to show the Jewish people that you are standing with them, and strongly speak out against these horrible Muslim Arab attacks.

Its not the cowards from Hamas that are covering their faces and hiding somewhere in Gaza who are attacking all over Israel. They are sending out women and children to kill the Jewish people, and then we have the huge media circus when these terrorist are being killed.

The entire Arab world is going crazy, because the media claims its "only" Arab women and children that are being killed, and not terrorists. GIVE ME A BREAK!!

Its so evil but very well planned by Abu Mazen and Hamas because it is working, they dont care about their people, they are just tools to use, and their families are being paid very well.

Please contact your news stations and demand that they share what is happening to the Jewish people who are being attacked and killed every day now.


Thank you.

Jerusalem Jane
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