Friday, October 16, 2015

Have You Seen, "Formation of the Christian Church, by Skip Moen?"

I remember reading Professor Daniel Boyarin's book, "The Jewish Gospels." I read his book several years into this "Download" of information that I received in 2007. Boyarin's book began to redirect my path as I tried to sort out this newness of what was now coursing through my soul. One theme has been echoing through me for 8 years now as I piece together actual history verses Christian theology. I have read countless books in the last 8 years....OMG!

Question what you believe and channel all of it through, Israel, Yahweh's Israel.......

I have walked up various hills trying to understand the Hebrew Roots Movement(s), the Messianic, Movement(s) and the Lunacy Movement(s) having to do with this newness of scripture coursing through me. The Paleo-Hebrew, Proto Canaanite, pictograph languages, the ancient Semetic language, Biblical Hebrew. etc, etc have all come into play. I remember ordering Isaac Moseson's book, "The Word" and having a chance to speak with Isaac. Wow, what a power packed brain. Isaac shared his story with me about being nearly blown to bits via a terrorist bomb during our conversation. Thanks Isaac for capturing....what you have researched in...words!

I loaned this book to a pastor, never got it back. (I should get another one) I started to opposed to sitting in the pews. Studying caused me to leave the church as well as restore Jesus back to his Jewish identity. In fact, the entire Biblical narrative is Jewish to me now. Much of the fundamental Christian doctrine is, "Nailed to the cross" as far as my world view goes. Mind you, I am no longer crucified with Christ but rather a beneficiary grafted into the common wealth of what YHWH is doing through and with, Israel. Unlike the Jewish Orthodoxy, I absolutely believe in the deity of Jesus or Yeshua or.....ONE ELOHIM of Israel.
I am robustly ascribed to the renewing of the covenant (marriage) made with Israel as a result of blood spilled on the door posts of the Temple (East) Gate, so to speak!

I made the following video last night, exhausted but nevertheless, compelled. And so it goes!

Everything that I study leads me back to the Kingdom of Yahweh and the revelation thereof via, ISRAEL
As a final thought....To stand in opposition to what YHWH is doing via Israel is the same as standing in front of a cannon while lighting the flint, in my opinion!

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Peter said...

Jeff, I listened to his whole talk, both downloads, after your recommendation. Well worth the time! The Kingdom of Rome vs. the Kingdom of Heaven. Difficult news on how the Church distinguished itself from Judaism.