Monday, October 19, 2015

A Note From Jane Kiel

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Jane Kiel

Awarded for your work to bring the Israel Nation back to Zion.
For your work as an independent blogger from Denmark to Jerusalem
The city so close to your heart and soul
For coming to us to be our ambassador for The Temple Mount throughout Europe and the US
For taking upon yourself the task with great courage and dedication
to publicize the dishonesty of Islamic extremists about the Temple Mount and through out the world
For the courage time after time to go up to The Temple Mount while Muslims scream and harass
And, for speaking the truth to the world about the Temple Mount.

We pray that God bless you and give you more strength to continue your Holy work
And all of us together will visit the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, The Eternal House Of God.
Yehuda Glick

Shalom from Zion,
This touches me more than you will ever know, as I love this nation and Her people so much, so for them to love and give me back like this and with these words just makes me cry!!
We had a wonderful evening last night with Yehuda Glick and family celebrating life and surviving terror.
I was interviewed on the live broadcast before the event and I am sharing the link here.
I had a journalist coming up to me: Jerusalem Jane, I love you and I have followed you for so long..
She did a short interview with me, and while she did that a friend from Facebook that truly loves me and my work here came up to me being so touch that he finally met me.

It was so moving, he even wrote about that on his own FB.
This is the article and just a few statements from me:

The interfaith element of Glick’s work was highlighted by the attendance and participation of many Christian supporters, including “Jerusalem Jane”, or Jane Kiel, who came from Denmark to “spread the truth” about the Temple Mount. Her work was honored at the event when she received a “Caller of Zion” award.
“As a believing Christian, I couldn’t stand by silently about what is happening on the Temple Mount,” she told Breaking Israel News. “I left everything behind in Denmark to spread the truth. I am honored to know Yehudah, who works to spread this message.”

My family here in Israel joined me that evening, the people that means the most to me living here, so it touched me deeply that they shared this with me.
New connections and interviews are coming up from this evening, very exciting.
My friend Gunhild video filmed the award ceremony, I will get that video and share with you later!!

My landlord was here, she understand I want to move. My contract is stating that I will have to find a new tenant if I leave before time. So this is like a big puzzle that has to come together.

* I have to find new housing
* I have to find a new person to take over here
* MONEY HAS to come in now in able to make all of this possible.

My landlord is putting an ad out this week, so incase a new person wants to take over I HAVE TO MOVE..
So dear friends, please pray about this. I am sure God is in control, like always.
I just did a live interview with my good friend Steve Marks in South Africa, ill send an email soon with some of my latest interviews.

Thank you all for your support and prayers in this time for searching for new housing, please also let me know if you know of any housing in Jerusalem, house-sitting..
It has to be with in the city, so I am able to quickly go to meetings, events, press meetings and so on.


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