Saturday, September 5, 2015

YAHWEH can blow up your brain!


Understanding the ezer-kenegdo spend the 29.00 in order to download this information
"This video series covers the full range of the Hebrew concept of ezer kenegdoGod’s words for the design of the woman. From the Genesis account to the letters of Paul, the Hebraic idea found in these unique words offers new insight into the role of women in marriage, the home, the community and the world. Recorded live in workshops, the sessions follow the biblical text plus interaction and questions. Total time is approximately 4 hours.  Includes the Powerpoint accompanying the lessons."
I wish I could remember the young lady who on Facebook invited me to read the book Guardian Angel two years ago as opposed to The Garden of Peace (which I continue to enjoy) She told me that Skip's book would blow my mind. The book Guardian Angel is "Blowing up my Brain!"........
I would thank her

How can I get Skip Moen to come to my neck of the woods via the Jeff Morton Report?   [Well, I will start with prayer!]

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