Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Separating the Church from the Church

I think many in this world sense a foreboding, dare I say, great uncertainty in the days and weeks to come. I am watching division among people explode in conjunction with all of the rumors of war, death and destruction along with immorality dictating terms on how societies live or die in this hour.

Personally, I walk through each day amazed at how much of American society has flipped. It is as if the people who glorify Lucifer are running everything, in control of everything! To list the abominations before God would take me much of the month of September!

A few headlines moving through my periphery: http://watch.org/ 

So when it comes to the Christian world and the churches....My gosh its like looking at dinosaurs that are extinct, meandering through life sleep walking...go figure!
Nevertheless, when speaking with Christians, some Christians (Certainly not the majority) are tracking world events and chasing after God. Far too many cannot tell me the four Gospels. This was not always true of Bible believing, heart pounding, foot stomping folks worshiping come Sunday morning.

When watching some modern day televangelists that echo, seeker friendly, prosperity, and in support of same sex marriages my thoughts of Christianity, today's Christianity have to be placed in check. Of course, we also have those who are waiting, (not doing) for a rapture type airlift. These folks annoy me most! Imagine if God had said to Adam, "Be still and know that I am coming to get you one day!"
On the other hand, I speak with Christians, believers who are in prayer before the LORD, on their knees crying out to God for mercy. They are in battle array on the front lines serving, THY KINGDOM COME!" It is like seeing the goats and the sheep up close and personal in a time of lunacy! Then their are those of us who have returned to the ways of God as outline through the very Hebrew Scriptures. We get to watch the ancient texts of scripture leap out of obscurity, defining terms, while presenting the King (Messiah) who is soon to return to Jerusalem, the land of His inheritance. We are watching the fulfillment of the renewed covenant with Israel (Jeremiah 31-31 and Ezekiel 37) happen as the nations circle the "Royal Kingdom" of YHWH. It is as if God is stacking the deck full of impossibility on his little, tiny pixel called earth within the cosmos!

I am sitting on the edge of my seat watching the wonder of it all while at the same time serving people who are advancing the Kingdom Jesus spoke about.......

I want to be a part of the body preparing the way of the LORD. I desire to stand with Israel and those who are fighting for the land promised. My prayer is that we come together in order to be that part of the Body in whom Messiah leads into battle against those who would dare to stand against the Kingdom of God! Who are those believers because, you are the ones that I want in the trenches with...me?

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