Saturday, September 5, 2015

Prophetic Distraction vs Kingdom Obligation?

I interrupted the following to write down what is blaring in my head.

Please don't misunderstand me....YHWH has a purpose for us, fulfill it! He would love for us to seek it out and then to help us accomplish it. He wants us to do, not just hear! (So get busy!)

I am going to make a video this weekend about "If Jesus was Black" I hope I can do so with a bit of eloquence and professionalism. I am going to try anyway. Equally, I am watching all of the prophecy folks who follow this sort of thing like a religion. The websites are a kabillion (my word) strong and the audience for this stuff is gi-norrmous (my wife's word)

Meanwhile, a 13 year old child is moved from bed to bed while men commit heinous sexual acts upon her for cash here in Seattle and around the world
A 15 year old boy is standing on the street corner waiting for the next "John" to pick him up for a sex act in every major city known to humanity
Planned Parenthood is vacuuming baby parts out of women, young girls, for cash! People around the globe are treating this as a "News Story" as opposed to the murdering of generations for cash!
Children throughout the Middle East are being decapitated, cut in half, or buried alive.
Families are eviscerated, slaughtered, gassed, tortured or blown to bits in the name of Jihad.

Our nation has placed into law the murdering of children, same sex unions, as well as corporately medicating an entire generation with pharmaceuticals that warn against the possible side effect we call death, go figure?
America has tossed her police men & women into a war zone based on racism, injustice, and corruption while the inner cities continue to decay under political rule [having tossed Biblical authority under the bus!] The church is duck taped shut and scared to do anything radical...while the radicals against God have an abundance of duck tape, huh! I wonder what King David would have done about that?

People are looking for the next big movement of God while ignoring his commandments throughout this planet.

I am encouraging us to focus on serving people who need help, who are crying out for hope and who are wanting life!

I think prophecy is fascinating however, I think we can avert quite a bit of what is prophesied by "Keeping God's Commandments, His Statutes, and His Laws. This is more important to me.

Jesus served the entire world, from Israel while prophesy was being fulfilled
Do the work of the Kingdom, stop waiting for the next big thing, be the next big thing according to why God created YOU in the first place!

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