Sunday, September 27, 2015

October 4th on The Jeff Morton Report, meet Bruce Brill

Bruce Brill, a 32-year resident of Northern Judea, is a Mid-East Security Analyst and a former Arabic and Hebrew Intelligence Analyst for the National  Security Agency.  Writer and journalist, he has been published in the Jerusalem Post, Midstream, The Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Times, The Jerusalem Report, The Jewish Spectator, and others. 

As a musician, Brill has performed for a wide variety of audiences, in addition to writing and recording numerous award-winning Israeli songs since having made aliyah to Israel.  In 1987, he toured the Soviet Union performing Hebrew songs and giving talks on Israel under the auspices of Israel’s Foreign Ministry’s Kesher Office. He has made several other performance tours in America and Europe through the Soul Train office of Derech Eretz, a Jewish Agency affiliate.
Decisive and scientific in his analysis of situations and events, Bruce Brill holds a Masters Degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Maryland.  He has taught and lectured on many subjects, including Hebrew and Jewish-American-Israeli topics.  Brill lectured and guided for Tour V’Aleh from 1983-1988, giving him a keen knowledge of the land and the people of Israel.
The realities of life in Israel are quite different than usually portrayed in the mass media.  Bruce Brill has spoken at numerous public and private meetings and rallies in America on behalf of AFSI, Americans for a Safe Israel. Today Brill regularly lectures visiting journalists, students and teachers of International Studies, and inquiring travelers independently and through the Green Olive Organization.

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