Sunday, September 6, 2015

Jesus was Hebrew, the Bible is Hebrew, God's Kingdom, Israel

I continue to study what Skip Moen offers concerning Ezer Kenegdo because (and to be clear) his information, like that of Rico Cortes helps me to understand better what Abba placed into my spirit 8 years ago and again in 2011 concerning women) As I share just about anything, I do so with broken fluidity, if you will. I don't spend eight hours a day studying. Through certain Rabbi's and Messianic (Meaning after Messiah) Torah teachers I understand better what YHWH showed to me. I see the scriptures contextually as opposed to layered or contextually no matter what layer? I much rather promote people who bring forward what is always the plan of YHWH

To explain or offer an analogy of sorts: Skip points out that the Genesis account written by Moses is 2000 years after the fact and more importantly written to slaves with lost identity. Unless you have this as a core in your understanding of Genesis you can easily think God is showing to us about Adam and Eve. When in fact Moses is showing to slaves the Genesis account. In the same way, when we quote scriptures such as "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6 my concept is not of the church or Christianity but those people that Hosea is writing to. Skip offers, (Paraphrasing) We are eaves dropping into dialog that happened centuries before our culture. Nothing spoken at that time is based on our understanding.

I can more easily put myself into Hosea's audience far better than today's audience. When looking at Ancient Near Eastern Law or those societal structures thousands of years ago I can see how our societies are born of those because we do many of the same things but we don't connect it to ancient culture. Yet our societies are born of there's such as honor and shame or raising our right hand or class separation and bigotry (Not necessarily racial, more political.)

I am critical of Christianity for many reasons. Possibly what troubles me the most is the mindset of Christianity is totally divorced from the culture that it was born in. Christianity teaches that is has the answer...Meanwhile, the concepts of TORAH are not apart of the principal, Greek Philosophy is. America, for example is lavished in Greek architecture, Greek thought and Greek societal adherence right down to football and politics. So too, is the church construct. Nothing about America is Hebrew or Hebraic. Yet YHWH revealed himself through a set apart people lavished in his instructions.

I listened to some of the Bill O Reilly movie "Killing Jesus" and just like virtually every telling of the Jesus account that one can recall or that occurs on Sundays across the globe it is disconnected from the concepts, society and reality of Israel and what Moses was sharing with those slaves. When I listen to Christian sermons or listen to Christian pastors discuss the scriptures all do so disconnected from the societies that produced them.

As a result of what happened to me in 2007 I see the patterns representing what Yahweh is doing regardless of what century. I see his hand moving through history laser focused on Israel or the destination of his Kingdom in this earth. I am not a Rico Cortes, Mark Biltz, Skip Moen or Torah teacher so I wonder why this amazing thing, that was poured into my head 8 years ago happened? It is a mystery to me. Even more mysterious is why do I see the Biblical narrative as Israel centered, Kingdom focus, not Jewish, Christian or religious. I see religious anything as the Kingdoms men raised up that war against what YHWH continues to accomplish. We kill more people via our kingdoms and our religions as a direct result of being disconnected from our Creator. Meanwhile, Thy Kingdom Comes, and that King will teach us his ways!

I forgot something. Be it known, I am more connected to what the ancient Jewish sages teach both the Orthodox and Messianic because even in all of this most of us are returning to what they understood. I reject the teaching of Orthodox Judaism that reject Messiah's 1st coming but I do not reject everything that they share. Jesus was Jewish for a "kabillion" reasons least of which is because they are God's chosen.....

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