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In the Shadow of September 23 (Victor Schlatter)

In the Shadow of September 23


From Israel to our Friends Around the World,

So what is monumental about September 23?

We’re in Jerusalem at the moment, having finished launching our Reconciliation with Israel Conference last week where I had been assigned the Keynote Address for 11 speakers, and now headed for the Succot Feast of Tabernacles next week. But between these two milestones, is the Jews holiest day of the year—Yom Kippur—the annual Day of Atonement.And this year it fell on September 23.

If Leviticus 23:26-32 still stirs any sense of significance to Bible believers—to be sure it was hardly the Jews who invented the day—but it was most certainly the Creator of the Universe who did!

Yet this one day is but a fragment of the September 2015 collage of goose-bumps beginning with the present and impacting an entire era to come.

Unless you get your ho-hum diet from big Media, big bucks or merely business as usual, the following cataloguing of catastrophes waiting to happen has been floating around the internet from several sources the last few days. Some of the events may already be past tense:

• The climax of the biblical Sabbath year known as the Shemitah occurs on Sept. 13, along with a partial solar eclipse.
• The largest-ever US home-grown military exercise, Jade Helm (across seven Southern States)—finishes Sept 15, while the world’s most ambitious scientific experiment is taking place all month at the CERN Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland.
• Congress is supposed to vote on Obama’s Iran nuclear deal by Sept. 17.
• The 266th pope arrives on Sept. 23, the 266th day of the year, which also happens to be Yom Kippur or the Jewish Day of Atonement, plus the beginning of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, also known as “the Feast of the Sacrifice”—all the same day!
• Francis will be the first pope to address a joint session of Congress Sept. 24.
• Francis delivers the keynote speech Sept. 25 to the U.N. summit in New York.
• On Sept. 28, the fourth and last of the “blood moons” takes place on the biblical Feast of Tabernacles.

Short of a global economic collapse, the U.N.’s “Sustainable” rollout of its new Agenda for Sustainable Development could have the most far-reaching impact of all these events.”

So from Blood Moons, to Shemitah, to Jade Helm and an unprecedented Papal agenda, if none of this resets your alarm clock, you can go back to sleep. But might we suggest a rude awakening with an onset of uncharted seas, including disintegrating Western nations in general, with a tsunami of militant Islam across the entire Western World in particular.

And the most sinister Serpent slithering in that September Shadow is the predicted foundation of a chilling New World Order, already declared to have been begun in Europe, and now heading westward to pick up its prime participants enroute. Any nominees?

Coincidentally, our last SPIM MEAL Bulletin in August, “The True Timing of the Rapture”generated the most astounding number of positive responses that we have had in 15 years of Spim Bulletins, including an exceptional nearly 40% opening of our lengthy mail-out list.

Unfortunately in spite of the positive response, not unlike almost every book I have ever written, and every major step of ministry we have ever taken in recent times, we have been more than aware we are in an end-of-days battle of Ephesians 6:12 dimensions: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

And we thus need help from our faithful readers in the face of our latest counterattacks against Jew hatred globally. It stretches from the Ayatollah’s of Iran to the BDS inanity with protective academic propaganda-perches for boycotts and sanctions across corrupted universities everywhere.

As my publisher has frequently acknowledged to me—and not without his most credible deductions—that “something out there” doesn’t seem to like the truths that I have been exposing! Yet for most battles we have inadvertently encountered “out there”, when all is said and done, we have been able to eventually come out on top.

Otherwise, for the goodly provision of no-nonsense advance endorsements, we have had no lack. Yet for the ultimate breakthrough of final distribution, the road has been more uphill and definitely unpredictable.

Ranking of reader response on my first 4 books on Amazon had always been rewarding. But getting rolling on Amazon for my most recent two volumes—variously claimed by readers as my best ones yet—we have encountered unresolved blockages? And at this point in the journey we could use your help.

Firstly, pray for a breakthrough into a key source or sources of alternate distribution other than solely globe-trotting. It’s getting harder for a number of reasons—not the least the Shadow of September 23.

Secondly, one must reportedly have an Amazon account to post a review, so if you do, your comments to Amazon would be appreciated—or you may even try it without an account.

Over the northern summer we have been on promotional circuits in Australia, the USA and Israel since early May, which has made alternate communication with key contacts very difficult time-wise to be able to probe potentially new channels.

If September is as bad as the prognosis sounds, reading books may not be the highest priority anyway! Nevertheless, your insight and efforts—not to mention comfort, support and compassion for the Ancient of Days' chosen servants cum Scapegoats, can be a win-win commitment in a bigoted an hate-filled globe. May you be blessed in Yeshua.

"Comfort ye, comfort ye my people says your God…" Isaiah 40:1.

Blessings and Shalom,

Victor Schlatter
South Pacific Island Ministries

Note: The new book, "Hatred of the Jew: Why and When Did the Barrage Begin?" has fnally appeared on Amazon:
with other points of availability as listed in our last 26 August Bulletin.

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