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In my email today (From Victor Sharpe)


I have had the privilege of corresponding with Jane Kiel, a wonderful young pro-Israel Danish Christian ladywho has been reporting for some time from Jerusalem and especially from the Temple Mount. She is doing what, alas, Israel is notoriously inept at doing; getting the facts out to the world speedily and effectively.

She has been assaulted on the Mount by hostile Muslim Arabs and has had her camera snatched from her and the film destroyed. Sadly the police did not help her in any meaningful way even though she made a formal complaint about the Arab harassment she endured.

Nevertheless, she continues to bravely report on the rioting by Muslim mobs and their criminal activities, fomented and organized by the PA’s Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mamzer), thus providing vital information to the world as well as combatting the international media reportswhich falsely and relentlessly demonize Israel.

Along with a Christian pastor, I often broadcast in-depth pro-Israel reports on a Portland, Oregon Christian radio station, which is also carried by stations throughout the Pacific Northwest, including in Seattle.

We interviewed Jane two weeks ago and the interview will be broadcast this Sunday evening at 6.30 PM Portland, Oregon time on KPDQ 93.9 FM.

I do believe that all in the pro-Israel community should publicize Jane’s first hand commentaries. Here, then, is her latest report along with pictures she has taken of Muslims doing what comes naturally (as the old song goes).

Hopefully you will forward Jane’s report to as many of your e-mail contacts as possible.
The world must know what is truly happening in Jerusalem, Israel.

Thank you.

Very best wishes,

From: Jane Kiel
Sent: Saturday, September 19, 2015 5:25 AM

Subject: My report about the Muslim Riots and the Media Frenzy

Good morning from Jerusalem,

As I am writing this, I once again hear helicopters above my house and sirens from police cars nearby. Things are escalating very much in God's Holy City with riots and attacks.

Yesterday I was on the bus as I went to meet a friend of mine that wants to help me spread my work to a larger audience on his news site, but he had to cancel the meeting at the last minute while I was on the way to meet him. So I prayed on the bus, asking: "OK God, its You and me now, where do You want me to go??"

Immediately, I heard: "Damascus Gate," so I went there and what a circus that was!

I am attaching photos for you all to see, there were several news crews broadcasting live to the whole world, and I talked to one of them. A young man that was reporting from an Arab station told me that he was broadcasting because NO ONE was allowed on The Temple Mount, and that riots would come because  Jewish settlers were inside the Muslim shrine called the Dome of the Rock!


One wicked lie after another, is all this man could do to parrot what he has heard from others who lied to him in the beginning. But that is what they are broadcasting to the whole world, and for Muslims opposed to Israel, this is their way of making Israel look as bad as they possibly can.

So, I made a video of me speaking about that after I checked with the police, you can watch it here:

Then I walked all the way down through the Muslim quarter to the Kotel. The place was packed with police, and I walked out the gate by the Kotel, I saw Muslim men down on their faces praying as they were not allowed up on the Temple Mount. I started filming and you can see here what happens:
So again I was just at the right place at the right time yesterday to get these things on film, to show the world what is happening here. God really guides my step every day, its amazing.. I made 4 videos, they are all on Israel, One Nation.

Things are heating up all the time, and when I got home I heard helicopters in the air and lots of sirens. A border police officer was moderately wounded in a shooting attack close to the Armon Hanetziv neighborhood.

He was shot in the shoulder by terrorists during an ambush as he and fellow officers were quelling violent disturbances in the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood.

An additional three officers were lightly wounded by firebombs hurled by Arab terrorists during the attack. Muslim extremist groups have been encouraging violent attacks in the capital since the eve of Rosh Hashanah, with the Armon Hanetziv neighborhood and surrounding areas being a focal point for Muslim rioters targeting residents and security forces alike.

In the Arab neighborhood of A-Tor, which is just next to my area, masked youths hurled rocks and concrete blocks at police and border police forces; similar riots occurred at the Kalandia checkpoint.

The latest flareup of violence comes just a short while after Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan toured some of the worst-effected areas together with senior police officers. Erdan vowed to that police would "deal with a the strongest possible hand against anyone who tries to disturb order or carry out violence against residents of the city or visitors."

The Minister noted that with the holiday of Sukkot approaching "tens, if not hundreds of thousands of visitors" would be flocking to the capital, making restoring order an even more urgent priority.

He blamed incitement from the Palestinian Authority - whose officials, including leader Mahmoud Abbas, have been openly calling for a "religious war" over the Temple Mount - and radical Arab MKs, who have themselves taken part in some of the disturbances, for causing the recent escalation in Jerusalem.

Twice last night the silence in southern Israel was disrupted by the sounds of sirens warning of incoming rockets. Out of the rockets was launched from Gaza, one struck near the town of Sderot, the second was intercepted over Ashkelon by the Iron Dome missile defense system. Thankfully nobody has been wounded.

So Israel is attacked from Gaza by rockets and Muslims are attacking non-Muslims in Jerusalem, and also targeting the police. Please keep us all in your prayers..

I just got a phone call from the man that is trying to arrange a lecture for me to speak at, he mentioned his son who just said to him, "Jane is doing what our Government should be doing in sharing this important news out to the whole world"...

I am just extremely grateful that I am here to be a voice for Israel!

As I consider the years I have been in Israel and standing up for the Jewish Nation, I realize that on a daily basis, each step and every moment has God's hand leading mine from place to place, person to person, and situation to situation. Its a heart thing, His will be done.

This is a time like no other time in history, and I could not be anywhere else but here in Israel. Thank you, God, for guiding my steps daily! I am just so happy that I happen to be right in the midst of these things, so I can share to the whole world what main stream dont share..

Thank you all for your love and support for God's Holy Nation...



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