Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What You Talkin Bout Willis?

So you want to know where I am coming from.....? Well check all of this out and you will have a very good understanding!

If you do not watch the entire thing you will not get this 

My dream/vision (One of them) Before cancer of the throat.
I had asked the LORD...What is the church, why did you present the church?...I actually cried out to him on this issue..This was his answer: 
David and Goliath and the Day of the Lord (We are grafted into the Kingdom of Zion via the King of Israel)
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn..(Our Congregation a week ago Today, Last Tuesday)
Joel Richardson
Mark Biltz..Please watch Rabbi Cahn FIRST

Please read these two articles (Grammar and Punctuation are proper to everyone else, not me) lol!

This is what I tend to send to inquiring minds
Nuff Said!

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