Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Thought to share a letter that I wrote to a Pastor/New friend

Good Morning Pastor ________

Yes, Christ is YHWH, without question ("The right hand of the Father" is idiomatic but [and nonetheless] covenant structure based on the lifting of the right hand when swearing an oath)

A little history
In less than a nano second July 2007 I had an experience that changed the way I understood the Bible. I was flooded with a Kingdom mindset as opposed to a Christian (religious) mindset. I understood covenant structure and Kingdom law or jurisprudence in biblical speak.

The Salt covenant, Adoption covenant, Threshold covenant and Blood covenant became as much apart of the biblical narrative as is the life, death, resurrection theme or chiasms, if you will, found throughout scripture.

Instantly, I understood Ketubah and the marriage ceremony at Sinai. I understood the Royal Kingdom of Israel and the restoration of all things. I understood how an adversarial institution was born in the Garden of Eden (currently) Jerusalem, ripe with interpretation.
I understood the covenant of the pieces (Abraham) and how the King would die in order that the Kingdom be restored, dare I say too, the bride or women. I understood Deuteronomy 24:5 and the millennial mandate of Kingdom protocol
I do not have an emotional connection to learning scripture, I have a spirit filled connection to THY KINGDOM COME. It is as though I was allowed to touch the Tzitzit of the garment of God seeing a piece of what he is doing. What he is doing has never changed, mankind simply "raised our banner" a facsimile at best wrought with death and destruction as opposed to LIFE.

Luke 8:43-44 Now there was certain woman whose blood had flowed twelve years, who spent all her property among physicians, and she could not be healed by anyone. She approached him from behind, and she touched the fringe of his garment and immediately the flow of her blood stopped. (This story has several prophetic implications, [hint] years bled.) 

This is how I feel today. Explaining this to people would be easier if this same woman were here to share the difference made after touching God!

I understand the Seven Biblical Festivals (Leviticus 23) in the story of Creation as well as in the book of Joshua (Chapters 1-8), Exodus and throughout the entire reveal of the Suzerain, Vassal structure of the Kingdom of God. All evidenced in every nation that has ever existed. I understand Gematria, Proto Caananite & Paleo-Hebrew picture languages and biblical numbering, how they import through the centuries the construction of what the Elohim of Israel has obligated himself to accomplish. Prior to a moment in time I had never even contemplated "TORAH" or considered Talmudic writings, Jerusalem or Babylonian.

My issue is not with Greek, or Hebrew, but rather religion which I personally believe is the source of most deception. God commissioned the serpent, he did not destroy him based on the failure of the man to prepare ye the way of the LORD (Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done) All of the Matriach's chosen were commissioned to bring forward the plans of a just and righteous King.
When I think of what was poured into me back in 2007, considering now, Sunday morning services anywhere in church sanctuaries I moan at what is not taught or what is not known when teaching God's kids. The entire Bible is like two tablets placed into the earth in the same manner as was the two tablets placed into the ark. This is covenant law based on Kingdom protocol ordered by our King

Those (many, not all) in the pews are connected to an emotional underpinning as opposed to an obligatory relationship. We are royal messengers of the King adopted into the Kingdom via blood or grace such as was offered in Eden and certainly to Noah.

I am not against you Sir. Who am I to diminish years or study and a heartfelt desire to chase after the revelation of Adonai Tsavuot. Simply put, I had an experience that changed my biblical concepts. I understand now that the entire biblical account can be extrapolated from one sentence: 
In the beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth. 

Most people in the pews are not taught how to see this amazing, unlimited, while yet purposed adaptation in written form of the premeditated birth...of everything!

I have learned so much as a result of what has happened, I have met so many people who impart amazing revelation such as Jeff Benner, Frank Seekins, Dr. Danny Ben Gigi, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel, Rabbi Itzhak Shapira and my Pastor, Mark Biltz...

The list is amazing and the relationships trans-formative. I could spend a week mentioning people that are now in my life. So, welcome to my world Pastor ______. 
I do not know how to be more privileged...

My heart's cry is for religiosity to be crushed and for Kingdom responsibility to be echoed to the "Kids of the Kingdom"

Have a blessed day

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