Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Plan Parenthood by killing children

"Step right up folks, Get your baby parts fresh off the table, straight out of the stirrups. Yes folks you too can now take advantage of baby parts! Why burn them in order to heat hospitals when you can grow a new leg or stem-cell or whatever you need. Male or Female, makes no difference, we have access to 60 million hunks of flesh! Just head on down to planned "Parent-Hood" [catchy name huh folks?] Get your dead fetus today!"

Would someone please explain to me how you plan being a parent, by murdering a child?

Deception is not very powerful at all. What is powerful is the people who practice deception.
Margaret Sanger created Planned parenthood to kill black kids. That's why most of these locations are in the ghettos. Her success makes Hitler look like Mother Teresa!

Dr. Ben Carson has this exactly right!

Women who use the services of doctors who kill children in the womb are murderers planning murder! This is not called parenting......

My gosh we have a world full of Jerry Springers and Geraldo Rivera's.......or "Dead Dirt" in a suit!

The lunatic courts fight  to protect killing and selling baby parts! Our country is detestable!

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