Thursday, August 20, 2015

About Michele's Trip to Israel (my wife)

My sister contacted me late last year saying, "I am supposed to go to Israel with your wife!" She explained that her two girls friends were making plans for the annual El Shaddai Ministries tour to Israel. My sister reconnected TORAH to the GOSPEL several years ago. She and I are kindred spirits in walking with YAHWEH.

During this conversation I was thinking, "Wow, great idea!" Truth be told, my wife has the faith of a mustard seed, albeit, a rooted mustard seed. Her life story is one of difficulty, sorting through years of childhood trauma (not unlike a lot of women). Nevertheless, Michele is a believer and the love of my life.

A few months after this initial conversation Yahweh made it crystal clear that he was going to meet with my wife. For brevity sake I will not expound further (I have written about this in an earlier posting, CLICK HERE) I was praying when I sensed God say to me, "I am going to meet with Michele!" I was not sure if that meant before Israel or in Israel. What I absolutely knew, with crystal clarity is that he was involved!
Shortly after this prayer I received a call from Pastor Mark Biltz. (who I later found out came into the office saying, "Were supposed to pay for the Michele Morton and Desiree Morton") During that call Pastor Mark told me that their trip was paid for and that every dollar thus far saved for the trip would be returned. Perhaps you should go with us Jeff." I knew that I was not supposed to go this trip. I have had two people offer to pay my way, I thanked them saying, "YHWH does not want me to go, He wants to meet with my wife alone......Oh well, I am not going, nuff said!

Well, we are a month away from their spending money. I have $16.00 in the bank. Michele said to me last week, "I need to get a few things and we have nothing saved." I have been encouraging her for a year, "God will provide, he is not concerned and neither am I. You will have what he wants you to have when it is time for you to have it." We struggle getting through the months but I am convinced we get through the months because of what God is doing in our lives not because of what we are doing. I live with this but struggle in my human self too! Some of you know this about me as well. Nevertheless, I knew that God was taking Michele and my sister to Israel for his purposes....Nuff Said!

On Monday August, 17th Michele received a letter from the Justice Department, Oregon. I knew it was a God letter, I just knew it! Michele promptly called and left a message. A woman returned her call on Tuesday morning (the next day) saying, "Your oldest son (Who we raised) and you have money owed. We need you to verify who you are and we will send this to you. We have been trying to locate you for years."

It appears our eldest son's natural father was paying child support for several years that was never distributed. Well, who knew? He had never done anything to represent a father to his son! The amount going to my wife is enough money for her and my sister to have a decent amount of spending money in Israel. I know that God has provided for both of them...out of the blue! We do not know how much money is going to our son.......nor has she received the expected funds yet.

Michele's mustard seed grew a little bit more. What is more important than even this is that she see's God personally involved with her...This was a huge, HUGE witness for my wife about how God does what he does!

I am even more inquisitive about what HE is planning with my sister and my Israel. I love being loved by YHWH! The thought of doing life without God is terrifying. I simply cannot imagine trying to meander through the insanity men have made of Creation without our God, our Savior!

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in Yahweh with all your heart, and don't lean on your own understanding.

Don't give up on God or your marriage. He will honor your steadfast commitment to what he has ordained 

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