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A note from Victor Sharpe (My Friend) asking for us to help his friend, (Nuff Said!)

Just so you know: I have known Mr. Victor Sharpe for going on 10 years.  He is one of the most venerable human beings my world has known. I trust him emphatically.  So, as soon as my "wittle-tiny" paycheck is deposited into my account today...I will support Jane...Will you support Jane too?


I am doing whatever I can to help publicize the noble and righteous work of Jane Kiel, a wonderful Christian lady from Denmark who loves Israel and supports the embattled Jewish state with all her heart and soul.

She has put her very life in danger by filming the depraved behavior of Muslim hordes on the Temple Mount who are paid by Hamas to riot and to both verbally insult and physically assault Jewish and Christian visitors on this, the holiest of all Jewish religious sites.

Hew work in exposing to the world the infamy that Muslims perpetrate against all non-Muslims is vital as the world tilts ever further to a repeat of the dark days of 1938. Then the Nazi juggernaut of hate and naked aggression was appeased and ignored.

We are in those days yet again as today’s Islamo-Nazis are rising in power, and Jane Kiel is warning us before it is too late.

Please read her heartfelt words and help her if you can.

Thank you,

Victor Sharpe

Freelance writer, broadcaster and author of the trilogy, Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state.

Here is the note from Jane (Who I do not know) 

Dear friends,
Today, I am sharing something from my heart that I cannot ignore; I firmly believe this is vitally important to give you. With this letter, I sense a real urgency for the present times before us, and with all that is happening now in Israel and around the world.
Every day, the news I hear makes it clear to me how far anti-Semitism has advanced against the Jewish people in Israel and worldwide. Whether it is the threat of annihilation by Iran, or boycotting by the western world, the outcome is the same.

For this reason, my voice grows louder and more passionate with each passing day. Never was this so evident when I stood in protest against Yasser Arafat years ago when he came to Denmark. The evil in his heart was palpable to me! I see this same evil today on the Temple Mount when Muslims curse Jews who go up there to pray where their Temple once stood.

Having visited Yad Vashem many times and the Anne Frank Museum in New York City, It was so emotional for me
that I said, “This is enough for me, I simply cannot go to the Nazi camps because I know I’ll break down completely!” But after coming to Israel, I felt in my heart many times that one day I would be going to the camps, but it in G-d’s timing!

A guide at Yad Vashem who was showing tourists from Holland around on Holocaust Memorial Day said, “The Christians didn’t do anything back then to help the Jewish people." I see that same situation now where the Christian world is sleeping heavily; they need to WAKE UP when it comes to fully standing and supporting Israel! I’ve said that before…

I cannot remain silent, but only speak up louder on their behalf! Everything inside of me is crying out, I HAVE TO GO, I HAVE TO GO!! NOW is the time, I really feel G-d is speaking this to my heart! I need to go soon, time is crucial for me!

So to be as effective as possible as a voice for Israel, I it's time to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau and other related places to see them for myself and fully embrace the reality and horrors the Jewish people faced then, and connect it together with what is occurring against the Jewish people in this present day.

I need to go and fill my lungs with a deep breath of air in the place where so many so Jews tragically took their last breath, and had their earthly remains burned in the ovens. I need to put my feet on the ground where-from their ashes-the Jewish state of Israel arose to be reborn! I see Ezekiel 37 transforming dry bones to life, so not one life ultimately died in vain.

I AM GOING, this is very, very important, and I am inviting you to be counted on as a part of this! With imminent clouds of jihadist war by Hamas and other threats hanging over Israel, I need to achieve this goal urgently, so I can forewarn the Jewish people and Christians about what is upon us now.

I will create a series of reports where I videotape in the camps and share from my heart about the horrors that happened there, hopefully get one or more interviews with survivors, and make short news clips to compare current events with past ones. There are so many things I can see now, that I believe will create a stronger concern for Israel and Jews worldwide.

This I will share on my own pages, on my blog for the Jerusalem Post, and on the radio stations I broadcast for. I hope other media will pick up on this and share it too, as the world really need to be aware of these messages while Israel is practically standing alone in the world now. Keep in mind that all of this was predicted long ago; it’s now coming to pass!

To accomplish this since I have no money of my own, I need donations from Christians and Jewish people who see my vision and the urgency of this project. I can feel my heart and passions rising up within me to get this message out to the world! Every day that passes, another Jewish life hangs in the balance between life and death, I simply can’t ignore this!

To support me as one of the very few people who are actually “boots on the ground” in Israel and reporting from Zion to the whole world, this is a vital calling and a sacred trust. There are not many voices speaking up for Israel or the Jewish people in this world, but it is my honor to do so, and I’ll use this time to educate myself better, which this trip is all about.

My estimated budget requires the following items for two people, which is for myself and a video cameraman: Round-trip airfare from Tel Aviv to Poland, ground transportation; lodging and meals; expenses for incidental charges for admission to various museums, sites and other locations, meals and gifts for guests I interview, a small salary to my camera man, and any other needed resources to produce this project. 
With the above items listed, my estimated budget for now is at least: $3,000.00 USD

I truly pray that my email has touched your heart, and you will want to be a part of this journey in helping me to stand even stronger and bolder for the Jewish nation right now! It’s not too late to share your gifts and concern with me!

Any amount you can give, whether big or small is more than welcome. For example, if you can help supply the plane tickets, or you can give 25 dollars for a single meal or cover meals for the entire week, you will make me very happy. Another donation might cover a bus or train ticket, or admission to a museum. I share these examples to give you a vision and understanding for the particular needs I will encounter while I am there.

I welcome any information you know about good deals on plane tickets or hotels, or guides. If you have friends around the places where Auschwitz is located, or if you have been there and have any advice for me, please contact me in making this journey for my work for Israel as powerful as possible!

Also please share this with anyone you know that might be able to donate or help with this vision, whether it be private individuals, churches, synagogues, pro-Israel organizations, various media sources, or whoever/whatever comes to mind. I will be most grateful for your willingness to help, even if a referral is all you can give. It all helps, and matters greatly!

I hope to have the ability to go within the next 3 weeks, as I really do not want to be away from Israel with everything happening here, and the way things are heating up here in Jerusalem especially. Yet, I believe this is a vital contribution and an opportunity that I cannot ignore in supporting Israel and her people!

I estimate this will be a trip for about 5 days to a full week, depending on how the timing and availability for everything comes together. I will share updates with you in coming days as I see progress towards reaching this goal!

Finally, for those of you who are able to provide monetary gifts, please visit my donation page and give whatever your heart leads you to do in making this trip possible!

Write in the memo section: For Jane

 I still have a Danish bank account, and Western Union is another very good way to reach me too. Write me for more information with any questions you have, so I can assist you with whatever payment method you decide to use.

Finally, writing this letter alone has been quite emotional. I am sitting with tears in my eyes just thinking about this, and I know that my voice speaking about the demonic and horrible things that happened back then, and the hateful attacks coming against the Jewish people today is just something that I have to share from here in Jerusalem!!

I have a lot of butterflies in my stomach about this trip because I know it will be one the hardest things to do, and I will be deeply affected! Why? Because I know the deep and compassionate love that G-d has placed in my heart for His chosen people will burst out of me and cause me to cry deeply when I arrive at the camps. I can feel it within me already!

The reason for that is because it's clear to me that the world has learned NOTHING from the past!! 

It is my passionate prayer for you today, that my words and heart have enlightened you, and challenged you to take action…
It’s time!


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