Friday, July 10, 2015

Sit Down and Shut up! or...HELP :)

In our attempt to bring believers together in order to help people who are serving the Kingdom we had a simple ideal Nathan Grapes and I put together an Internet Radio Broadcasts that promotes the BODY.

We knew we would having doctrinal differences...theological divisions. We also know that children are being beheaded, turned into sexual depositories for depraved men and that people are dying, being slaughtered all over the globe. We face a world that could careless about the scriptural decrees of a righteous, just, and holy God. We knew that racism, antisemitism, and deception are as prevalent in God's house just as is prayer. We knew that all of us are screwed up! I know that Israel is full of lunacy...just like the rest of fallen mankind or the nations.

So, I am talking to, always addressing those who are making a difference. No matter how audacious or overwhelming the task these folks believe in the coming kingdom of Mochiach (Messiah) in this earth

This is what the Jeff Morton Report is all about. We are hoping that this absolute fact is more than enough to bring together a remnant of people who stand for the statutes, commandments, and laws of THY KINGDOM COME. A remnant that will set aside the lunacy of a fallen world because we are set apart.

The fundraising concept is basically saying, "Get out of your comfortable seat whether in your synagogue or church and get busy helping those who are battling hell...Trying to get those who love God to do this is just as difficult as is fighting hell itself. Perhaps we are fighting hell in this place too? We are presenting to the BODY those who need is just this simple

If half of the people who claim to love our Creator "Left the Bubble" we could change just about anything and do it for HaShem.........or Yeshua (in flesh)
We will do a fundraiser for Gloria Diane Calhoun who is rescuing children in Kenya Click Here. She won't be here for that because she is in Kenya fighting HELL.

We do not keep any of the funds collected

We may even do a fund-raiser for you, here in the states if you tell us about what you are doing to Serve the Kingdom on the Jeff Morton Report. But we can only do so much

Thank you American Printing and Publishing, i.e Alan Dewitt & Company for doing just that! This television will be raffled. Every dollar collected will go to Rick Daviscourt, President and Founder of Restoring Children International who is fighting hell rescuing young girls in Peru.

The Jeff Morton Report Sundays at 4:00 Pacific Time (Internet Radio) Visit for additional information

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