Thursday, July 9, 2015

Information update Fund Raiser, Tacoma

YOU are all invited:

If you attend El Shaddai Ministries and are coming to this event Please let me know. If you attend El Shadda Ministries and are helping us with set up, clean up, dessert (Volunteering) Let me know ASAP.....
If you are simply planning on attending WE NEED TO KNOW 
ZION'S RIVER is like working with God's Personal rep....We want to have as much information as possible in honor of Zion's River's generosity and service to the BODY (Keeping them informed)
Thanks to all of the Pastors who are supportive of what Nathan Grapes and I are trying to do...
WE are out of the BOX! Thanks To Pastor Mark Biltz and the board at El Shaddai Ministries for making available items to be raffled, BIG SMILE

The two gentlemen who will be speaking are both "Reconnecting" Torah to the Gospel and the Gospel to TORAH. David Hetland, President and Founder of Legacy New Life Builders & Rick Daviscourt, President of Restoring Children International 

I need to know who is helping and who is coming or 253-448-4777 
This is important! Thank you (I do know that the men in our small Men's group are all coming to help which I think is profound!)
For those who cannot attend please consider a contribution to help rescue young girls in Peru CLICK HERE

Nathan Grapes and I both know how busy this time is for all of us. We have met with some of  Zion's River Pastoral Staff who are in full support. They have invited their congregation to also participate. This is the entire purpose of the Jeff Morton Report....Bringing the BODY together to do KINGDOM work, "PEOPLE SERVING THE KINGDOM" Please Contact me.....ASAP.

The Jeff Morton Report Sundays at 4:00 Pacific Time (Internet Radio) Visit for additional information

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