Monday, July 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton is "RICH-BROKE!"

My definition of liberal politics: "That which insists on making no sense at all!"

Whenever I see Hillary Clinton, I see a modern day Al Capone, Bugsy Segal, Lucky Luciano, Ma Barker and Bonnie Parker....and let us not forget Sal Alinsky, really!

I do not see a former first lady, former Senator from New York, or former Secretary of State. I see a gangster moving through our political system like the HIV virus or something just as deadly coursing through political America

I watch the media fawn all over her as though she is important when in truth she is a sickness. I do not have the intellect to comprehend how such a sickness is on the world stage. Simply put, it is not possible for me to be this dumb! The only comparison I have to who this women is is to compare her to dead gangsters. I once wrote that if you wanted to find the gateways to hell, just follow Hillary Clinton...I meant it then, and mean it now.....

The media is now walking with Hillary Clinton roped off...(lol, ohmygawd, hysterical!)
Reminds me of parents who put their children on leashes
The media is like.....Stupid!

I watched the following presentation by Campus Reform (Click Here) When the students heard the truth about being "RICH-BROKE" (Another title I have coined) a layer of stupid is instantly removed. Sort of like a cure for HIV initiated...oh how I wish!

Take a peek:

Mind you, I support making money and success but, None of us supported Al Capone...accept for those who became "RICH-BROKE" through his policies or organizations that operate in like manner.

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