Thursday, July 23, 2015


Often I will invite Christian brothers and sister to call me. Many times they are trying to understand what I am sharing. For several years now I have said the following:

Christianity teaches about 2% of the Bible. The other 98% is not known to them (from the pulpit to the pews) The problem is that the 2% that is known to them is the very reason they cannot see the other 98% of an unlimited God!

During these phone calls I ask a variety of questions and then I ask, "Do you have a Bible handy?"

I am going to make a YOU TUBE video showing what I do next.
(Often, I end up crying or tearing up after the call because, I understand the deception that is woven into the story of the Jewish Messiah who we call Jesus......................................................................)

What has consistently happened for nearly five of the last eight years is what the caller ultimately asks, "How come we don't know any of this?" Or...."I have never seen any of this before!"

This happened three times this week.

I have also said, "Christians know Christianity but most do not know the Bible!"

Many of these phone calls, over these many years have shown to me without fail this to be true. I was once there myself, I understand. So, I ask, "Please, before we have this conversation I need you to take all of what you have known as a Christian and just set it aside for a little bit. All of the doctrine, theology...everything! We will pick it up again after you see what I am about to share with you...But do not throw it away."

I am always praying at that moment for a paradigm shift to occur because, this is what must take place in order for that person to see what God is doing....."NOT WHAT WE HAVE DONE TO WHAT HE IS DOING." I have to use English because, I am not proficient in Hebrew which will be even more difficult than it would be other wise. Equally, I am learning as much as I am sharing...God is unlimited and so too, are the layers of his WORD!

Stay tuned!

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