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A note from Victor Sharpe about our friend, Charlie

I realize many of you did not know Charlie Schiffman.

Mark Biltz & Charlie embrace after Charlie accepted
a long awaited apology 1800 years in the making. 
I was present 
In the face of being called an Oreo, Sellout, Uncle Tom, Judaizer, & Jew lover within a certain segment of our society their are two men of my life time both of whom are Jewish, Orthodox Jews if you must, who have called me friend. Victor Sharpe is one, the other was our friend Charlie Schiffman. My friend Victor Sharpe shared his thoughts about the passing one Charles Schiffman. As for me and the name calling, I love people but have come to know quite a few idiots......Charlie was not one of them

By Victor Sharpe

When I received the terrible news that my dear friend, Charlie Schiffman, had suddenly died from a massive heart attack in Jerusalem, Israel, I was initially unable to comprehend it. This could not be true; it could not be happening.

But, alas, it was all too true and the loss of such a genuine friend whose intellect, humanity and spiritual conviction was incomparable,has left me with a feeling of emptiness that is hard to bear.

It was only last year that I returned again to Israel and spent several wonderful weeks with Charlie and his wife, Marsha, who is now sadly his widow.
I stayed with them in their apartment in Pisgat Ze’ev, a beautiful and vibrant northern suburb of Jerusalem, but one which a venomous world does not recognize and vilifies by using the pejorative term, “settlement.”
But Charlie, true to his magnificent love of the reconstituted Jewish state of Israel was proud to live in this liberated and redeemed part of the eternal Jewish capital: Jerusalem.

I first met Charlie some thirty years ago when he was the Executive Director of the Portland Jewish Federation, a position he held for 23 years.
In fact, Charlie offered me a position with the Federation but Ideclined at the time as I was just beginning a new career elsewhere.

But I stayed in touch with him during these many years while I worked in supporting and defending Israel in the media.
Charlie had begun working, as I did, with many Christian supporters of Israel in the holy task of understanding the common roots of our two faiths, Judaism and Christianity, and in supporting the embattled Jewish state reconstituted in its ancestral and Biblical homeland.

In so doing, it was natural that Charlie would meet Pastor Dave McGarrah and begin the great radio program and partnership known as the Teacher and the Preacher.
Now the teacher is no longer with us but his spirit and inspiration will continue on and the God given work that Charlie the Teacher, and Pastor Dave, the Preacher, so successfully undertook must not be allowed to wither away.

There is so much work to do, especially in these perilous days when all around us ignorance, intolerance and growing anti-Jewish and anti-Christian hate is ever more evident.
The news of Charlie’s death came on the very day that PresidentObama delivered to the world his infamous legacy of doom.

July 14, 2015 will be remembered as the day this president ushered in his catastrophic sell-out to the most evil terror sponsoring regime on the planet - Iran - and plantedI fear, the inevitable seeds of World War Three.

It was also the fateful day when this essentially good and kind man, Charlie Schiffman, whose towering intellect, wisdom, and deep knowledge of Jewish faith - enshrined in the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) and in the Tanach (the Hebrew Bible) - passed away and left the world a poorer and darker place.

It was Pandit Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India who, lamenting the death of Mahatma Ghandi, said that “the light has gone out of our lives.”

That is how I lament the loss of Charlie Schiffman, whose Hebrew name was Tzadok Reuven Halevy.
In the Jewish tradition we say: May Charlie’s memory be for a blessing and his family comforted by all other mourners in Zion. Amen.
Tzadok Reuven Halevy
of blessed memory
Tribute to Charlie Schiffman which will be aired on the radio program, The Preacher & the Teacher, this Sunday at 6:30 PM on KPDX FM 93.9 in Portland and at 10.30 AM at KLFE 1590 AM in Seattle.

The Jeff Morton Report Sundays at 4:00 Pacific Time (Internet Radio) Visit for additional information

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Anonymous said...

As the host and executive producer of Share-Cropper Ministries/television program (which ran for 12 seasons in the Portland,Ore. area, with thanks to producer Carroll Gleason), I had the privilege and honor of getting to know and working with Charlie on more than one occasion. This was one fine, warm, kind and knowledgeable individual, and my life is much richer for having known him. I too was shocked and saddened at the news of his demise, but he left this world a far better place by the simple virtue of 'just being Charlie'. My prayers and condolences to his widow and family.

A special thanks to Pastor Mark Biltz and Jeff Morton, with whom I've also had the honor of working, for carrying on Charlie's heart and wonderful work.

G_D bless Israel and the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Baruch Ha'shem. J.C. 'Jim' Cropper, Share-Cropper