Sunday, July 12, 2015

A new book by Peter Thalhofer

I was handed a book yesterday by a friend of mine, his book. He signed the inside cover writing: "Jeff, You writing your book & conversations with you have been an encouragement for me toward writing this book...Thank you!"

Well, I started reading TORAH, TORAH, TORAH last night. Mr. Peter Thalhofer, in the introduction states the following:

“The Church’s one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord” begins a hymn which, with centuries of tradition from seminaries and pulpits, helps the church forget its foundation."

Mr. Thalhofer continues,

“Replacement Theology morphed this Torah-observant Jewish Messiah into a Torah-breaking Gentile Jesus Christ, rejected Israel, and crushed Jews to create a Gentile church."

I am reading three books at the moment. As I read the introduction to my friend, Peter Thalhofer's book, skimming through the following pages, Mr. Thalhofers outlines a problem born over the last two centuries. He also addresses the solutions which for this generation of "Coping and Pasting" beckons one back to those who wrote on lamb skin.

So far, and after a friendly jolt, TORAH, TORAH, TORAH is a comforting book for everyone returning to a very Hebrew King!

 TORAH, TORAH, TORAH by my friend, Mr. Peter Thalhofer will be available soon at

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