Thursday, June 4, 2015

On Being Black or Being Biblical

There are people in our world who strongly feel attached to their racial identity. I try to understand this primarily because I am a black person or Africa American to some. However, just as those people cling to their racial Identity, I cling to my Biblical identity. This affords me the opportunity to experience the God of Creation daily as opposed to the issue of racism, daily. I see people based on what he created not on what we have perverted....

And for all of those "People" who cannot understand this about me..I actually feel sorry for your lack of appreciation for the WORD of God and what he is doing whereby, he!

I was asked a similar question in an email to the one you are about to read. This after posting pictures of my daughter, her husband and my wife......

I thank God that my parents (Momma) did not raise us with hatred. My father, although he was not involved in our lives was not racist either. Yes, all of us understand what sin caused.....

Similar to Islam murdering Christians, many blacks and whites are still killing people. the injustices done have to do with SIN and not color. God created color, we made it ugly!

I was asked years ago while in the Navy by three fellow sailors all of whom where three black friends "Jeff, why do you have so many white friends?" They approached my bunk at the same time (I held senior rank) I responded, "Because they don't ask me dumb #@#$@$@#% questions like yours"......

I have been black my whole life, don't come this incorrect to me! And for the sake of God, really.... please, don't do it as a believer, You are an affront to Adonai Tsavuot

I stand before my Elohim as a child, Un-Colored by pain, Un-Broken by hatred, Un-Ashamed by blood.

Francesca Battistelli makes my point: 

One of my cousins asked me, "Do you hate being black?" I said no, "I dislike being told that I am the color of my skin. I would rather be the person God called by name."

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