Monday, June 8, 2015

Loving People is like Medicine for the Spirit

Victor Sharpe

I made another video (EXODUS 12) and towards the end of editing the finished product I go through these moments of discouragement...without fail! I wonder, LORD is what I do worthy, are YOU pleased?
Removing Cancer, yeah!
I look at my personal life, my family, my wife and wonder, Yahweh am I doing all of this at the expense of others, does it matter, really? Financially, I could probably, maybe find more income to better manage our world. In so doing and because of my skill set much of the Internet activity, the blog, the YOU TUBE page and even the radio broadcast would go away.

Abba, Father just did not allow us 48 hours in a day. Nor has he given a ten day week!

I have started businesses, owned companies, purchased homes, raised a family, been married three time, twice to the mother of my kids. I am no longer trying to have these things but rather serve, THY KINGDOM COME
Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel and my friends at El Shaddai Ministries
So, I think that it matters what I share and why I share it. My blog is not breaking any records, neither is the Internet radio program or anything else I do. This is what self does when we think we are the reason anything gets done. Or at least for me, self has a very loud voice! The world does not want to hear any of this anyway.
Then I hear a little voice whisper, "I thought you were doing this for me! I placed into you a love for people, I thought you were doing this for them!"

With barely enough gas in the tank, food in the house and income to pay for what we do have, God continues to place into my spirit, "DO YOU TRUST ME?"

Al and Jeff Cooper GLC
It is like a balancing act between exploding inside with the JOY of knowing God is coming while at the same time struggling with doing life. I think most of us who love God understand these predicaments.

Rabbi Shapira
Then I start getting the emails of appreciation full of questions and "Thank you!" My wife leaves for work an hour ago passing along a little smile with the words, "Have a good day!" She has a very difficult day ahead of her.

I think about my guest yesterday, Gloria Murray Scott who wiped away tears as we played for her the national anthem of her beloved Panama. Gloria at 74 years young in the Kingdom is diagnosed with lung cancer and given two days to live several months ago; she is remarkable. What a beautiful daughter of the King is this lady from Panama
Tony, Bill & Me

When I see beyond myself, I see the memories flooding into my life because of the people that God has allowed me to know. I see beyond the moment, beyond insecurity and disappointment. What comes into focus is that my foundation is the "Joy of the LORD." He delights in his people. He delights in me!

My Mom!
People.....This is why I do what I do. I love People. This is what the bottom line is for me so, I have to trust God to take care of everything else. I also have to know him enough to know when he is leading, when he is balancing out my world and those who he has gifted to my life!

Joseph  Farah

So, I keep going with what I have and who I am. I endure the insecurity, disappointment and everything else that goes into serving the King. Your worth is so much more than my ups and downs. You are the miracle that caused life to happen!

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