Friday, June 19, 2015

Life, not Death, That's why!

Why do I do this? 

I "sit on the edge of my seat" to use a familiar cliche watching the Kingdom of YHVH make ready to reveal it's construction occurring all around the mess we have raised up! I can see his protocol, his ordinances, statutes, commandments and laws raising life & life eternal. The kingdoms of mankind are in chaos within the structure of MY LORD...I see it. I am not hoping, believing, walking out faith....I SEE MY GOD EVERYWHERE.

I feel great pain knowing that a kid can walk into a church and kill, murder innocent life. My spirit aches for those lives taken and families ripped apart. This is but a consequence of living in chaos....nothing new in the order of a lost mankind. Nevertheless, I am not above what we endure. I tear up just thinking about those killed, beheaded, raped, buried alive, set on fire, mutilated, destroyed.

I do my radio show, my blog, everything for one reason to celebrate life and to honor those who are chasing after God, helping others and for those who fight for the Kingdom of God. These beautiful people stand in stark contrast to those filled with evil, bitterness, & death! We have to be visible, heard, desired otherwise the Kingdom of God is not presented. We have to make a difference!

Many of YOU do just that

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