Thursday, June 25, 2015

Herding Slaves in Black America, 2015

I have long since held the belief that the African Black for nearly 1400 years has had to overcome violence whether in Africa, Europe or North America. I stated the other night while a guest on Eyes on Washington this very sentiment. I was misunderstood in so far as the other guest, Reverend Wayne Perryman inferred that I was stereo typing black folks. No, rather I was addressing the fact that violence and hatred whether inflicted by police, slave owners (both black and white) Arabs, via Islam or tribal warfare is part and parcel of what many endured or had to overcome.

The "American Dream" for example, was not what Black America woke up to for well over 200 years. Yes, the possibility existed but was likened to a a mule carrying centuries of humiliation, degradation, violence, castration, rape, sodomy, lynching, murder, subjugation, torture, molestation, beheading and whippings.... uphill while many whites road bicycles and or were driven carrying books, pencils, and paper with lunch prepared by....servants!

Injustice for the average Black American is centuries deep. It is not a momentary occurrence. Nor is what black people experience a mere emotional or irrational state of mind. That said.......

When the Ottoman Empire, along with various Islamic kingdoms were defeated many of those who were indentured for centuries were dispersed into the wealthiest countries on earth. For 1100 + years this was the practice. The defeat of the Turks revealed the enormity of black deaths via Islam for those researching the history. Most of the slaves did not come to America but to areas like South America, the Caribbean, Jamaica, Europe, etc, etc long before1776.  The point being, one of the richest commodities of the Caliphate was the slave trade. A continent of people was being dispersed throughout the world for profit. For centuries blacks were bred for shipping to various kingdoms. The slave ships were production lines, conveyor belts, if you will loaded to destinations around the globe. Slaves were being purchased by wealthy nations.

I am a biblical dude so I see this a bit different:

God was taking a people out of centuries of hell under the Caliphate via sharia and Islamic government into...FREEDOM! Within a couple of generations the slave trade was abolished in most industrialized nations. The wealthiest of the wealthiest began to dismantle the cattle mindset which portrayed blacks as something other than men and women. In America for example blacks were being elected to office as far back as the 1700's. A community of Americans, dare I say majority has always fought slavery and the slave trade, many from church communities.
Individuals like Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas Jr, Booker T Washington, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, far too many to name carried the mantle of freedom and the right to....dream! God took a people and moved them up, over the course of 200 years. Those who fought, died, sacrificed everything, so that the house negro and the field negro could become Denzel Washington, Loretta Devine, Allen West, even Jesse Jackson and Al "Sharpiebaby" benefited from what GOD was doing. (Nutty, Louie Farrakhan being the only exception.)

Men or mankind has an enemy. The enemy loves to undermine what our God does. His tools are racism, antisemitism, un-forgiveness, degradation, violence, rape, murder, beheading, sodomy, molestation etc, etc. The enemy likes to herd Gods people, control God's people....kill and destroy God's people. The enemy uses deception and godless rulers to screw people out of the promises of God. This is how I see the Democrat party, historically! Their is nothing on the planet, within our solar system, or God's universe that will convince me otherwise, Nuff Said!
Those who do not grasp the ability of deception are herded like slaves. I call this mindset..."The Plantation Nation" This is a far cry different from the Kingdom of God. God commanded, love your neighbor. Burning down their house or business is not what he had in mind.

YOU DECIDE which one of the following videos represents how, in 2015 many within Black America are...herded!...............Whose your daddy?

Now, what is God doing?

For the record: I am a child of the most High...not a political party nor African!

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