Friday, June 5, 2015

From Michelle in North Carolina

I have received many letters but this one went straight into my spirit! FYI: Michelle is not my wife Michele (She asked me to forgive any type-O's and grammar issues as she puts it, "I am informal in my online communications.")

Thanks Again Michelle

Hello, Jeff!
Listened to your message on youtube with Mena Grebin the in the title. I heard her radio broadcast as well. It was sent to me by a stranger whom I brushed with on a prophetic facebook page.

She and I both were confused on the contradictory prophecies circulating in the body of Christ. We were responding to a post from semi-well known prophet guy who always prophesies that God's heart is always to bless the people and was really coming down hard on "doomsdayers." I did not care for his treatment of Johnathan Kahn (sp?) when he made some remark like: "Why is everyone listening to this guy when he doesn't even have one prophecy that has ever come true?" That statement came across so arrogant to me. So I thought I was being gentle, but did mention that it sounded like the Pharasees when they said: "Has any prophet ever come out of Nazareth?" That earned me a sharp-tongued response from the "prophet."

Anyhow, after the sister chastised me a bit as well, she ended up messaging me later in the day, saying she had prayed all day and ran across Mena's message. I listened and passed it out to as many who would listen......which isn't many. I saw she was speaking about 6 hours away in a beautiful, anointed part of the country, so I went up to hear her and took my sister and my daughters. It was great to hear her in person.

Your mention of the destruction of NYC reminded me of something. My youngest daughter really has a heart for God. A few years ago, she had a dream she was in New York City. She was beside the Statue of Liberty. Suddenly, it fell. Mass chaos was all around her. People were running and screaming all around. As she looked around, monuments all over the United States were falling. She said she was at peace through the midst of the turmoil. Suddenly, everything went black. Then, like drops of water, color started spilling across the black canvas. When it all filled in, she was in heaven. The dream continued with visions of heaven and such. It was beautiful and the Lord was on his throne.

About this same time, a friend of hers had an almost identical dream with the statue of liberty falling, except her dream included a great dragon in the harbor, with satanic symbols on it (I think), and almost everyone, even kids from their church following after it. She and a couple others she recognised did not follow after the beast. I don't even think this little girl understood the symbolism of her dream. This is a huge, affluent Presbyterian Church my kids have been involved in. I drag them off to small spirit filled churches as well, but I just cannot find one that is very strong. I'm hanging in there with the best I can find around here.

I'm trying to pray and seek the Lord to see what he would have me do in this season. Whether or not to return to teaching next fall. I am a single mom. But it eats up all my time, and it greatly hampers my ability to proclaim the gospel. I have grown so weak, cowardly, and ineffective. I have been waiting for this time since I was about 11 and read it for the first time. I have always felt I would be alive and have to walk through the tribulation. I have never believed the church was going to be raptured away and all the stuff about tribulation belonged to the jews. No matter how many teachings I sat under, it never jived true with what I could plainly read as an 11 yr old.

I have been waiting for the blood moons since Marc Biltz came out with the revelation in "Prophecy in the News" back in 2007 or so.

Be strong, and thank you for your service in the Lord.


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