Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dessert, Raffle, Peru, Tacoma....Dude, Huh?

It has always been goal #1 to promote those people, ministries, organizations, home fellowships and folks serving others. The Jeff Morton Report particularly supports those on the battlefield rescuing people who are wounded via rape, violence, sexual slavery, and terror! We have had organizations turn us down, focused only on their respective congregations or just flat out reject what we are doing.

So we move on.

Let me be frank. The days of Sunday morning church services are being tested. The days of being a body, broken are upon us. The consequence of which is no light, no salt! A paradigm shift must happen within the HOUSE OF GOD!

I, Jeff Morton believe it is time, remarkably time for the body of YHWH or YAHWEH to stop fighting and to start serving. I believe we have to come out of "Bricks and Mortar, Steeples and Sanctuaries" in order to help the widows, be a father to the fatherless, and love our neighbors (Not the ones trying to behead us!)

Nathan Grapes and I are trying to say to the BODY..."Time to be Extraordinary, Simpatico!"
Come out and help us start something new on July 29th in Tacoma, Washington. We have a few events planned such as the one below.  Be the hands and feet to those you may never know or meet. Thank you!

Restoring Children International Click Here
Legacy New Life Builders Click Here
Grapes2Press LLC Click Here

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