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Bobby, Marcus, Ari & Dj (and the BLACK JAG, Huh?)

Marcus & Neia

My nephew, Marcus has had three friends for much of his life. They are Ari, Bobby & Dj. The four of them have been as much apart of one another's lives as is the air we all breath. Marcus headed for the Air Force after high school. He has been serving our country ever since. He and his wife are raising three children all of whom are nearing adulthood. Well, he has a 14 year old, Marcus Jr. I met his wife when they were 16 (A very whimsical story that he does not want me to share, trust me!)

Marcus Ari, Bobby & Dj

Ari went on to marry a beautiful young woman who has given to him 3 children as well. He purchased a home and from everything that I can tell (from a distance) it has been the best thing to have happened to his life. I have yet to meet his family
Ari's wedding
Ari, Jen, and their son (the daughters are not pictured)

I have lost track of D.J
What I know about him is that he and his childhood sweetheart, Amy were still sweet on each other.
Dj & Amy
I just heard from Amy:

"Hey Uncle Jeff, that was very nice to read! You are right, Dj and I are still together, we live in Wilsonville and he's working at a toy company. Sorry you've lost track of him and he doesn't have a Facebook so that makes it harder. I will definitely show him this blog though!"

Amy just read this blog!!!! Love it!

Since moving north of Portland I have lost track of all of them as the years progress and time moves on. Marcus is family, and like family we drift into our respective lives and do life...forever related.
This is how it is with my beautiful nephew. Facebook allows me to peek in on the lives of all of them and for this I am appreciative. (Besides, my nephew never calls me back :))

Now Bobby, blew my mind over the weekend. Bobby was the shy, quiet one of all four of these kids now become adults. When ever I would speak with him all of those years ago I felt like I was drawing him out of a comfort zone. I knew that he was the one to stay in school (Like forever It seemed) I knew that he was prone to entertainment, music, rap and that sort of thing. I knew about some of his relationships with women and some of those ups and downs as he grew to be a man. Imagine how surprised I was to find out that he is an actor, has developed a TV series, written the screen play is acting in the lead role and pretty much in command of the entire project?

Get outta here! Turns out Bobby was not at all I how remembered him or who he grew up to become Simply put he is amazing just like all of the rest of them.


He is in production and working through the ups and downs of bringing a character that he calls the "Black Jag" to life. The Black Jag is about a super hero who is in several situations that form the story line. From what I am reading and from the information forwarded to me the Black Jag might fit in nicely with the current fixation on super heroes now come to the big screen. I have been a fan of Marvel World since before my teen years. This stuff is just fun for me!
Bobby Bridges

A promo page is posted on Facebook CLICK HERE

So, I have receive an email from Bobby which followed a lengthy phone call whereby He shared the entire concept of the show. I could tell that he was super excited and passionate about his character, his endeavor, his marriage and life in general! He is recently married, a year now! Bobby is a father, as well as all of the rest of the credits afforded to him due to hard work and study. I am just so pleased to have found all of this out...and to now be posting a blog in support!

These four young men (well they are all nearing their 40's now) avoided the prat falls of drugs, gangs and living with no direction. I have watched them grow up for the better part of 20 years. It warms my heart to be able to write this blog...It's personal, apart of our histories unfolding.

Like I stated earlier, I am more the uncle these day. The kids are all grown up and doing life, raising their own families....but, it's nice to peek in on them every once and a while. With these four guys I have had the privilege of peeking in for 20+ years.

I wish YOU all the best Bobby Bridges with your projects. If you want to come onto my broadcast and give a report...Well, you have an open invitation

Now, can I talk to you all four of you about YHVH? [Wink]

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