Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Biblical Prophecy or Biblical Citizenship?

Daniel 2:44 In the days of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, and this kingdom will not be left to another people. It will crush all these kingdoms and bring them to an end, but will itself endure forever.

Their is one person on this planet who I completely, totally connect with in terms of seeing the Bible for what it is, not what we made it into via religion. Now that I understand that the BOOK is a book of protocol based on an historical revelation via very specific stories that represent prophetic absolutes about HOW Abba has ordered HIS KINGDOM and why we are created. That person is my brother Daniel McGirr.......

I so understand his heart...Just watch this introduction to the Gospel of John...…/
Introduction to The Gospel of John from Daniel McGirr on Vimeo.

After watching the introduction the following could change your entire concept of God! The word of the Lord might become more defined....You may even begin to see the KINGDOM of God 

Consider that the historical account of thy KINGDOM COME is actually a book of Jurisprudence (Study of Legal precepts or LAW) about Kingdom Governance..If you are comfortable in how WE HAVE massacred the KINGDOM of YAH so be it However, the BOOKS are opened and they are not about the last 1800 years of doctrine in the West...
This is not what YAHWEH is doing, rather allowing until the time of great wrath! 
*The true meaning of grace is allowing a mockery of 
"Perfect Creation" which was always destined to receive the Kingdom of YHVH 
through Messiah Yeshua in this earth. 
"Prepare Ye The Way of The LORD"
Rachel Dolezal
The rebellious kings of men pervert your daughters, 
accepting the absurd.
Mr. Bruce Jenner

The rebellious kings of men diminish what His hands created after creating dirt.

The rebellious kings of men murder His citizens

Abba, Father, Please cause YOUR people to enter citizenship, fearless, and with purpose. Help us to understand your covenant promises and our obligation with you above the salvation message.

Abba, Father, Please cause your people to return to what you are doing and to stand for your rule, your authority! Help us to embrace your body and to take care of one another, to love one another. Help us to see that the plagues of Egypt are tribulation to this generation who wail against your statutes, commandments and Law. Help us to embrace the Pslam of David who returned to your edicts and proclamations, Amen....
Help us my LORD to support, promote, and encourage your Family

Abba, Father, Yahweh, is restoring His Kingdom and preparing to occupy the Davidic Throne forever!

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