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About My "YOU TUBE" Page, God, and Prophecy

The link above is a video that I made that currently has 2600+ views. The amount of views is nearly as many emails that I have received based on the subject matter. To date, this has been the most attention I have received about anything that I have done, on line based on one thing, namely, this video. I was never trying to ride on the prominence of Mena Grebin. In fact, we depart extensively in several areas and that's totally okay!

outside of our front door
I was speaking with a couple of different Pastor's this week (at differing times) Now please, what I am about to say is not meant to be condescending or demeaning, not my intention at all. In speaking with the Pastors (this happens almost every time) They understand what has been taught them and they understand much of the context based on how the Bible is taught in Western Theological churches. It does not matter what race, if you are taught that Jesus died for the sins of the world and that he interrupted the works of the devil your basic understanding is born out of western theology. Much knowledge and wisdom is within these folks to be sure!

The same is true for prophecy...hold that thought for a moment.

Another story is unfolding in the Bible that has layer, upon layer of information that is not part of western doctrines, western theology, if you will. That story is not born of Catholicism and early church fathers. Most of the Pastors that I speak with have no concept of the story in the Bible that precedes the understanding that spread the gospels to the four corners of the earth. A very important and biblical absolute is what the Son of God did. The very fact that when I write, "Son of God" most in western theology automatically connect this to a biological context. This instantly let's me know that what I want to share with them will be filtered through Christianity or the teaching thereof. Not one person in the scriptures, not one, would have understood the Christian teaching of the Bible were any one of them alive today save Messiah. In fact, most would wonder, huh? Nevertheless, this is where we are today.

I will be making a video based on the conversations that I have with many Pastors. I am calling it Exodus 12. When I am done with this YOU TUBE video [which takes me forever to do] I hope to summarize the conversations that I have with Pastors, whereby, and eventually many say to me, "I have never seen this before." I want to do this for one big reason: We as a body need to refocus on what God is doing not on what we failed to do [both Jew and Christian]

Prophecy is simply a conversation that God had with his prophets about things to come.
For example: God said that Israel would be a light to the nations/gentiles

Isaiah 42:6-7 I, Yahweh, have called You for a righteous purpose, and I will hold You by Your hand. I will keep You and appoint You to be a covenant for the people and a light to the nations, in order to open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon, and those sitting in darkness from the prison house.

When we consider the value in these two statements we must be sure to realize that God said it, therefore, it will be! The same is true for Prophecy. All have to do with what HE is doing not what we have never been able to do, Jew or non Jew.

I cannot tell you how many Pastors have said to me, "But the Jews did not keep covenant." This single statement completely overlooks the fact that God did and has never broken a promise to his people or to the nations!

So my focus is on what He is doing. The one thing that has become apparent in having this as my focus is this: I no longer fight with the Pastors or any of you! We must come together based on why he is doing what he is doing...This is why he is doing all of it in the first place!

His will shall be done, Right!

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