Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Why I could care less about the DNA of dirt!

I remember reading about Shaka Zulu whose rise to power via military conquest caused some of the most horrific death ever recorded in and near South Africa. History records that Shaka Zula met his end by the hands of his brother who perpetrated the King's assassination. I was a child when reading about King Shaka Zulu and the Zulu nation. I remember watching the television mini series which portrayed Shaka Zulu as a lunatic as I recall.

Of course, we all remember Alex Haley's mini series and book, Roots. I read the book years ago and watched the series back in the late 70's. Years later I found out that Haley plagiarized (purportedly) a great deal of his book. He also had close associations with the Nation of Islam, et el Louis Farrakhan. Oh well! Louis Farrakhan is insane in my opinion!

I have studied the Arab Slave Trade and the Black Hebrew Israelite movement. read up on the historical fact that many Jewish people were in deed black. I have followed the history of Benin, Africa and the Liberian slave trade. I have read about the tribal wars of Africa and read countless books concerning the Kingdoms of Africa, the Dutch of South Africa and various British or European companies that basically pilfered the African continent.

I have studied slavery in both America, Europe, Asia and Africa. In America, I experienced first hand race riots in Rochester, NY as a child. I am aware of the experimentation on blacks, the sterilization of many black Americans in the 50's I have read about the massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921 of 300 black folks. I am aware of the massacre of blacks in the south after the Emancipation Proclamation. I have read a couple of books that taught slave owners how to create people like Al Sharpton and those who follow him. I call these folks, "The Plantation Nation!"

I am aware too, of the slaughtering of the American Indians by Indians before white settlers and after white settlers. As well as what the Europeans did to millions of Indians or Native peoples (if you are politically correct.)

I have read about the atrocities committed by Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini as well as those committed by the Caesars of Rome, the Kingdoms of early Islam and those of ancient Persia and Egypt. In every historical account brutality, injustice, and human atrocity accompany humiliation and death.

I have read about the destruction of both temples in Israel and the horrific kings who ruled the Kingdom of Israel causing her eventual division and captivity.

I continue to live in present day insanity and the historical insanity of mankind's propensity to destroy one another in the name of wealth, power, and influence!

I believe in God and so I have hope that one day he will stop our madness! In the meantime, I choose to love people for what we are, not who we fail to be. God intimated to me while writing my book "Un-Coloring Race" during one particular prayer time that we are his Miracle!

I look at the engineering within the cities that we have erected, the nations that have risen up out of dust, incredible!. I marvel at our innovation and ability. The fact that women bring forth life according to how God designed life is mind boggling to me. I drive through town looking at the genius at what we can do. For me, I live amazed at what life has to offer, what people are capable of, our ability is endless!  The laughter of a child illuminates the joy ever present in my spirit. For me, knowing what dirt can accomplish is beyond my senses. I live with this reality as well, I live with these people too! I live for such a time as this because of who God is, because of what God is and I celebrate life. I see LIFE all around me. Life overwhelms everything, all the time, daily!

I consider what is possible verses living lost, living outside of the God of creation! For me I do not live by faith because I see God in everything!  I live with this fact daily. I do not live based on skin color, race, social status, wealth, or historical injustice, I don't want to be a religion rather, I choose to be Jeff, who God purposed and who my mother named. I am doing everything possible to not live in pain, in fear, with un-forgiveness, and without God!
I could careless about the DNA of dirt! 

Genesis 2:7 Then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath or spirit of life, and man became a living being.

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