Thursday, May 7, 2015

Who Is David Coatney?

I have no idea? What I do know about him is based on a couple of things that happened last week. I received the following video which started my Internet folly into who is David Coatney?

Subsequently, I started watching a few of his video presentations found on his website or!about/cjg9. I immediately saw the value in what David Coatney is doing. Especially after watching the following video:

At this point, and because the video is the most excellent video on the subject of the deity of Messiah as presented by Jewish sages (David's research is fantastic!).....Okay, I want to know more about David Coatney. So, I do what I always do, use the Internet to send to him a message and to ask a question. 'Can I link your stuff onto my blog and website?'
He responded (I love Yahweh's Kids!)

Todah Raba Brother! And sure feel free to share! Shalom :)

Because I understand what he is doing I now, know with absolute certainty that I have a brother somewhere in the Smokey Mountain region of the USA. David Coatney (aka David Ben Yisrael) Check out his YOU TUBE Page

This is really all I know about Mr. David Coatney. I will say though, what we have in common is that we both understand the restoration of YHWH's Word, Kingdom, Garden, and People is in full swing. The greatest revival in human history has begun. THY KINGDOM COME, complete with the restoration of the Royal land of Israel is commenced! I wonder if he would come onto my program and share his story? I guess I have to send him another Email? Oh wait, he sent to me a phone number  via his email...I will log it into my phone and just call him!

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