Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Reluctant Palestinian [Arab Egyptian]

Prove to me the country called Palestine? Name the Historical Kings and Queens, or any Historical Ruler, the Military battles, the Academic Advances, the Societal Contributions, the Scientific Achievements, the Financial Institutions, the Literary Writings, the Artistry, the Poetry, the Archaeological foot print of the last 2000 years. If you cannot do that then sit down and shut up! ***************************************************

My wife and I went to Vancouver, Washington over the weekend to celebrate our granddaughter becoming a six year old. Topping off the days events her parents took her to J.J, Jump in Vancouver, WA
Gaza, Palestine
A fellow, obviously from the Middle East was also part of the festivities. His daughter and our granddaughter attend the same school. The children are friends. I introduced myself thanking him for coming. At some point during our friendly exchange I asked, "Where are you originally from?" He responded, "Where do you think I am from?" I made several guesses realizing all the while a certain reluctance on his part to be forthright about his place origin. He finally said, I was raised in Palestine, my family is Egyptian I asked, "Are you Jewish?" Nope....
Gaza, Palestine
My followup question changed our discussion, I asked, "So are you a Jordanian or Egyptian refugee? Making sure that he understood that prior to 1948 the Jews living in Palestine or Philistia were called Palestinian. He asked, "Are you Jewish?" He made several attempts to correct my understanding of that part of the world. For every statement that he made I corrected his assertions with actual history. He asked, "Are you familiar with the Qu'ran?" I said "Yes, I have read most of it along with several books of Hadith. My main source material however remains the Hebrew Bible, both Tanakh and Brit Chadasha, Have you read either?" He responded, "Nope!"

He asked me, "So where do you say the Jews living in Palestine came from? I asked, "Are you referring to  2000 years ago? I said, we actually have to go back about 3800 years ago Sir, and if need be, we can talk about your cousin Isaac, son of Abraham. He agreed about Abraham, I knew he would. I walked him through the story of Emperor Hadrian who carted off many Jews to Rome, [Europe] roughly two thousand years ago.
I walked him back through "Paleshti" or immigrant when he mentioned the Philistines, Israels ancient enemy. I spoke of both Belfour Declarartions, Trans-Jordan, the fall of the last Caliphate or the Ottoman Empire, and the fall of the British Empire, as well as the war that created the refugees from Egypt and Jordan (a country created out of thin air) who the world now calls Palestinians. He was not expecting me to know anything (stereo-typing me as a clueless black man.) He asked, "May I ask, "What do you do for a living?" I responded, I support Israel and Biblical truth, via a talk show on the Internet.
Gaza, Palestine
The reluctant Arab who introduced himself as Palestinian told me his family was from Egypt in the beginning of our conversation. He was not expecting me to know history I suppose. When I asked him is your family a Jordanian or Egyptian refugee....I used his answer prior to this question to prove my point when asking the question originally.

He began to speak Aramaic which I recognized. I think he was testing me to see if I lied about being Jewish.......? (Some of you will understand why I just said that)

Our discussion was lengthy...I offer a brief, very brief synopsis here.

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