Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Social Media, The mark of the beast? (So what?)

My elder brother is always talking about how we are being electronically tracked, various viruses and the hellish manner by which we have all given up our privacy via the world, wide, web! One would have to be a complete dolt to disagree with him. I tend to look at it in a slightly different lens.

I have said to friends, 'The difference between King David of ancient Israel and Henry Ford is that one man was a great king, the other an antisemitic industrialist.' The ability for both men to build (like all men) was just as true for both. King David could build a car and Henry Ford supported Hitlers "Rule the World" concept. Both men accomplished what they accomplished because of what God is doing! I have to defer to God about everything!

God had not purposed electricity during the time of David's reign and Henry Ford was not exposed to digital technology. In other words, I tend to give God credit for the genesis of mankind.....I just cannot fathom an amoeba crawling out of the water and into a spaceship heading to the moon, leaping beyond everything else according to the accepted evolution fabrications....Like kind have never evolved. A fish cannot become a cat and a human being in the womb cannot become something else! Duh! (Double duh, you morons!)

So, we are in the last generation, perhaps? The world is lawless, for the most part while religion prepares for an anti, "Nut Ball" who enslaves humanity, perhaps?. Men have the ability to communicate instantaneously and to pervert the technology instantaneously as well...it's what we do.

I see God's hand guiding humanity and humanity in absolute rebellion towards him. Personally, I am not afraid of what men are doing or can do to me.  I am more fearful of what God can do or not do to protect me! So, I look at the technology and use it for what God has placed into my spirit to do. I am trying to figure out how to use technology to serve my God and to reach people who want to chase after him, just as I want to chase after him.

According to what is written the world system does not want me to do what God has called me to do and so, I am vulnerable to that system. Nevertheless, that system operates at the foot of my God...Therefore, who cares what they do to me using the technology that my God released into the earth for such a time as this.

God planted Agriculture, Industrialization, and Digital Technology. Men were given the ability to manipulate his creation ...After all, no scientist has ever made dirt! Much of what we have done comes from...dirt! Go figure!

Isaiah 46:10 declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not [yet] done; saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure

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