Monday, May 18, 2015

Sex in the City (with your kids)

On Friday May 15th, 2015 I visited the Champion Center in Bellevue, Washington in order to hear a presentation from REST ( I had decided the day before that I probably was not going to attend the event. The usual trappings were going through my head such as, it's too far from home, opposite direction, rush hour traffic, etc, etc. However, on Friday morning I knew that I was going to attend, "Sex Trafficking & the Church" Truth be told, I listened to my spirit as opposed to my thoughts. God is activating people all over the globe!

Years ago when I was not serving anyone really I was approached by two men who asked, "We are looking to purchase runaway girls" They were offering a lot of money if I could supply them with what they were after. These guys were casually dressed, well spoken, middle class in appearance. They were both white. They were head hunters serving the sex trade industry. This happened in Portland, Oregon.
I was stunned that these two monsters were asking me such a question. I responded, "Nope, not my thing!" I distinctly remember being appalled.  I remember too, thinking to myself later, 'What happened to who I was supposed to be?'
I thought these guys were looking to purchase drugs from the individual that I was with. At the time I was raising two very young daughters while using crack cocaine. These two guys were part of the catalyst that caused my life to change. I started noticing runaway kids, boys, & girls all over downtown Portland. I knew that I had to get my life turned around.

A number of years later while building my plumbing a drain cleaning company (Life turned around) I went to a service call in the seedy part of downtown Portland. I was moving in and out of the building with various equipment during my attempt to resolve the plumbing problem. I noticed a young boy perhaps 15 standing near to my truck. A car pulled up with a male driver, the boy got in and they drove away. Probably an hour later the kid was back on the corner. He got into another car, another male driver and drove away. It was late about 9:00 PM (If I remember accurately)  I asked one of the building maintenance people who I was working with about the young boy. He said, "Oh, he's turning tricks. He's one of the regulars in our area!"

Brent Turner and I
I met Amanda Hightower, Brent Turner, Renee Wallace and Edward Sumner on Friday night at the Champion Center. These people rescue children, young women, from the sex trafficking business in and around Seattle, WA. I also met Jeremy Vellerand of Rescue: Freedom International, the keynote speaker for the event. Together, they presented an impassioned plea to the church as to why being involved mattered. They need help! They need the Christian community to be engaged....

It is become almost embarrassing in our generation to make the case about loving our neighbor, being a father to the fatherless and standing against the indignity and humiliation now raising so many of our young women, our children.

Not knowing just what many girls are being led into means that we don't have to care. The folks at REST are asking us to care. Those working the streets offering children a way out need us to care. The business is real, the commodity is our children, sons and daughters. One of the easiest things we can do is throw money at the problem. This is what that business, that industry does too. They have foot soldiers, pimps, hustlers both men and women looking for your kids. These people shower and shave, put on make up and or cologne in order to go to work. Their job is to find your kids and rob them of just about everything for the purpose of becoming a sexual instrument, a sex toy, if you will.

The easiest thing to do is nothing! This is the churches biggest problem in my opinion!

The people at REST are proof that not all believers in the God of Creation resemble, doing nothing! They need help and so does the girl who is passed from monster to monster during an 8 hour shift this coming Friday, Saturday here in the Seattle market.

Contact these amazing people today and do something, anything is better than....nothing!
(To REST: my offer stands contact me with any questions)


Executive Director
Loved by Jesus, our greatest Advocate, Amanda is both pioneer and counselor at heart. She holds an MSW from the University of Washington and envisions a community free of exploitation.


Director of Operations
Compelled by the love of Jesus, Bridget excels at envisioning, engineering and general chaos-wrangling. Dreams of a world free from exploitation. Leader. Writer. Counselor. Builder.


Director of Development
Follower of Jesus. Sex-trafficking abolitionist. Compelled by a restorative Kingdom vision, Edward is a passionate advocate for the least of these. Inspiring champions to join the fight.

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