Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Passport, Location Filming, OMG!

My wife is going to Israel in September. I am going to focus on my radio program and what and why I do it. I am always itching to do more.

This camera just ain't gonna git r done!

My wife suggested a funding sight (I will never use Go Fund Me...ever again!)

I have a list of things that are needed...for the broadcast. I also need to get a passport. I just sense God is going to be helping me to help people.....I want to go to Kenya and a couple other places like Peru...I want to film those who have been on my program doing what they do.It takes a lot of money and a few people who will support where I think God is calling me. I no longer fight over doctrine and theology. I love my congregation, my pastor and countless people since  reconnecting God's instructions (Torah) to the planned death and resurrection of my LORD...Nuff Said!

Currently, I need a location camera, software and several other things to have more of an impact on the Jeff Morton Report. Those of you who understand me, please pray me up will ya! Thanks

The Jeff Morton Report Sundays at 4:00 Pacific Time http://wawradio.net (Internet Radio) Visit jeffsmorton.com for additional information

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